Be mindful of the risks of sedatives to respiratory individuals

Both bronchial asthma and continual obstructive pulmonary illness can be challenging to diagnose, and episodes of medication-induced sedation or hypoventilation are often disregarded brings about of acute exacerbations of these situations. Lancet Respiratory Drugs. Dr. Christos V. Chalitsios and colleagues from the University of Nottingham, Uk, write: The authors take note that exacerbations are a … Read more

Raid of the Federal Police for animal abuse

In the city of Colón, they raided a house where they kept birds in poor captivity conditions and proceeded to transfer them to spaces established by the Buenos Aires Fauna Directorate. As a result of the operation, the Police managed to recover 186 birds of various species (ducks, geese, pine hens, doves, diamondback doves, turkey, … Read more

I took the gun to take the dog out”

PESARO Yesterday in the courtroom the policeman testified that he sued the restaurateur Umberto Carriera for defamation. The facts date back to January 15, 2021, when Carriera had opened La Grande Bellezza in protest against the Covid restrictions. He had then spread the images via social media of the arrival of the police, unleashing the … Read more

a policeman unleashed his dog on a young man (video)

Everyone was expecting tensions on Sunday November 27 after the Belgium-Morocco match. In Molenbeek, near Etangs Noirs, a major police force has been put in place. “We had put in place a preventive and defensive system. Our police officers were thrown stones and Molotov cocktails. The lines of our law enforcement were attacked and they … Read more

Shoot a dog that breaks into his land, denounced – Sardinia

Assemini, in the shed and in the house you will find weapons without permission He walked away from the flock of sheep he was guarding and inadvertently walked into ground, but was greeted by a volley of pellets. Victim of the ugly misadventure a mestizo dog who was guarding the sheep not far from his … Read more

He takes his dog for a walk and dies run over in the Tres Cerritos neighborhood

Puebla, Pue.- A man was killed by a car on Carmelitas Boulevard, at the height of the Tres Cerritos neighborhood, this Saturday morning. the male suffered severe head injuries. Around 9:40 a.m., it was reported that on Hermanos Serdán street, on the corner of Carmelitas boulevard, there was a man lying on the street, who … Read more

Dog bites little girl, the owner who threatens the carabinieri arrested – Liguria

In Rivarolo. In Borgoratti Pitbull bites a woman, a complaint (ANSA) – GENOA, 08 SEPT – Her dog bites a 6-year-old girl and when the carabinieri arrive she attacks them. It happened in a bar in Borgoratti. The girl was medicated at Gaslini and has a six-day prognosis while the owner of the dog + … Read more

La Nación / They arrest a man for stealing a dog in Presidente Franco

The National Police arrested a man denounced for stealing a dog in the city of Presidente Franco, in the department of Alto Paraná, during the early hours of this Monday, and the delayed man was identified as Néstor Damián Villalba, 23 years old, who was left to the Prosecutor’s Office. The owner of the animal, … Read more

Violet Points for concerts on Paseo de Merchán

Tomorrow, August 17, the purple points against sexist violence will be installed in the concert area of ​​Paseo de Merchán. This measure will be repeated again at the concert on Thursday 18. This has been communicated by the Councilor for Citizen Security, Juan José Pérez del Pino, assuring that these measures serve to raise awareness … Read more

Black bear seen touring Gainesville, recommend not to approach

GAINESVILLE, Ga. (Telemundo Atlanta) – A black bear has made several runs around downtown Gainesville, and authorities recommend getting close to the animal. The Gainesville Police Department said Saturday that it is aware of his escapades and authorities do not need to be called. You may also like: It is recommended to avoid the animal … Read more