Derek Chauvin trial: testimonies overwhelm the police officer accused of the death of George Floyd

In Minneapolis continues the trial of Derek Chauvin, this police officer accused of causing the death of George Floyd after remaining kneeling on his neck for nine minutes during his arrest. The duration of this tackle on the ground was questioned by the retired supervising sergeant, David Pleoger, who was called to testify. David Pleoger … Read more

Racism: Asian American woman attacked, people demands justice | US Racism: Elderly Asian-American woman arrested for racism

Washington: The United States is witnessing another wave of racism, shocking the world before the pain of George Floyd’s assassination is over. This time the victim was an elderly woman of Asian American descent. The incident took place in Manhattan. A 65-year-old woman was walking down the street when she was stopped and attacked by … Read more

‘They took her up like a dog’; protest police violence in Tulum

Inhabitants of Tulum highlighted that the videos of the events are conclusive proof of the excessive force of the police against the woman, presumably of Salvadoran origin. MEXICO CITY. “Brutal power is a horrible outrage by the police of factual power, of being able to subdue someone to death, the images are there, the videos … Read more

Largest pre-trial settlement: Rs 196 crore compensation to George Floyd’s family

Washington: The family of George Floyd, the last martyr of racism in the United States, has decided to pay huge compensation … Minneapolis (Minneapolis) The government settled the damages by settling a civil case filed by George Floyd’s family against the government and the police department. By George Floyd (George Floyd) The family will be … Read more

Prime Minister of Greece asks for “forgiveness” and promises measures against police violence | International

The Greek Prime Minister, the conservative Kyriakos Mitsotakis, announced in Parliament on Friday a series of measures to reduce police violence, after a series of episodes registered during the last week. Mitsotakis pointed out that the measures in question will be detailed shortly but announced that one of them will be that all officers must … Read more

Has Tichanovskaya been misunderstood? What about the protest movement in Belarus | Europe | DW

“I have to admit that we lost the road,” said the Belarusian opposition activist Svetlana Tichanowskaya in an interview for the Swiss newspaper “Le Temps”. She added that the opposition movement’s strategy now is to “organize ourselves better and keep the regime under constant pressure until people are ready to take to the streets again, … Read more