Facundo González said that his worst day was when his relationship with Paloma Fiuza ended | nczp | SHOWS

Updated on 04/17/2021 12:09 pm The member of the competition program ‘This is war’, Facundo Gonzalez revealed in the Saturday space ‘You are in all‘, that his worst day in love was when his relationship with the Brazilian model and influencer Paloma Fiuza ended. These statements were given in the section ‘The EET hashtag: My … Read more

The Combatants danced classic Combat themes

The team led by Gian Piero Díaz remembered historical choreographies that made everyone dance. The originals! The members of the “Combatientes” danced the classic Combat themes. The team led by Gian Piero Diaz They recalled historic choreographies that made everyone dance long ago in the ex-reality competition. ➤ Look: Gian Piero Díaz voted for Facundo … Read more