6 fun facts about the “world’s ugliest animal”

He is the internet’s favorite fish, a charmer of the deep with a face that only Mother Earth could love. He is the internet’s favorite fish, a deep-sea charmer with a face that only Mother Earth could love. Still, the blobfish, a lazy chubby relatively new to science, has bewitched humans, who invent memes, squishy … Read more

It was not as they thought: Eyes of a fish force to change scientific texts | Technology

The sophisticated network of nerves that connect the eyes to the brain evolved 100 million years earlier than expected, after being identified in ancestral fish at least 450 million years ago. “It is the first time for me that one of our studies literally forces to change the textbook with which I am teaching,” explains … Read more

Which animal do you see first ?: the amazing test that indicates data about your personality

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What animal do you see at first glance? Amazing personality test

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