why St. Petersburg has become one of the flagships in environmental protection

Ecological capital of Russia Environmental problems are becoming more and more urgent for the entire world community. Even the country’s President Vladimir Putin, speaking last Friday at SPIEF-2021, said that Russia is concerned about climate warming. Petersburg is trying to keep up with the whole country. Thus, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Chief Researcher … Read more

the group Wildways staged a spontaneous concert in St. Petersburg, gathering a crowd of people

In St. Petersburg, almost all concerts and large-scale events scheduled for early June were canceled, but some musicians decided to bypass the ban and temporarily reincarnate as street musicians. Thus, the Russian rock group Wildways was supposed to perform at the A2 club on June 4, but their concert was postponed to June 8. Many … Read more

Manizha assessed her chances of winning Eurovision

Russian singer Manizha (Manizha Sangina) assessed her chances of winning the international Eurovision Song Contest, RIA Novosti quoted her as saying. According to the performer, she will definitely make it to the finals of the competition. “I know for sure that the final awaits me. But which place depends solely on my inner confidence, confidence … Read more

Fighting dog pounced on a couple in Kudrovo and almost killed their little dog

An incident occurred in the city of Kudrovo, Leningrad Region, which ended in bites from a fighting dog. The dog attacked a man and a woman who were walking on the playground with their little dog. The injured hostess said that the night before, while walking along the alley, a black dog of a fighting … Read more

Student scholarship can be raised to the cost of living

The student scholarship should not be lower than the subsistence level, says State Duma deputy Gennady Onishchenko. “Each region should have its own scholarship, but not lower than the subsistence level,” Ura.ru quoted him as saying. Onishchenko is also convinced that it is necessary to increase the number of budget-funded places in universities. After all, … Read more

Denis Maidanov will give a concert at the Oktyabrsky Concert Hall on the eve of Victory Day

On the eve of Victory Day, Honored Artist of Russia Denis Maidanov will perform at the Oktyabrsky Big Concert Hall in St. Petersburg with a new program “Everything will be good!”. The new show program of the performer will be dedicated to optimism and belief in the best. The performance will also feature the author’s … Read more

A politician from St. Petersburg proposed to double the allowance for children from single-parent families

The allowance for children brought up in single-parent families should be doubled, says Sergei Mironov, chairman of the Fair Russia – For Truth party, head of the SR faction in the State Duma. According to RIA Novosti, the corresponding bill has already been sent to the Russian government. According to Mironov, if this document is … Read more