But what about the dog?

Not every holiday resort is a dream destination for dogs. But instead of rescheduling, many prefer alternative accommodation for their four-legged friends. However, pension places are rare. A holiday trip with your four-legged friend is no longer a matter of course for dog owners. Then there is a need for care. – Robert Günther/dpa-tmn Ad … Read more

Educational expenses I’m worried about old age due to hell … A secret plan to increase the pension of a single mother by 70,000 yen a month How to prepare for the old age life of living alone | PRESIDENT Online

It’s a matter of money to be associated with single mothers. If you only care about the cost of living in old age, there are some unexpected pitfalls. Yoshihiro Nagao, a financial planner, says, “First of all, simulating what kind of life you will have in the future is a clue to solving the problem.” … Read more

News portal of the city of Pushkino and the Pushkin urban district

Remember the expression – “I myself will not am and I will not give you”? According to the same principle, the department of property relations under the Ministry of Defense operates in Sofrino-1. For many years, the building that belonged to him has been empty here, which in the early 2000s housed a temporary hostel … Read more

The Ministry of Labor proposes to simplify the procedure for using the mother’s capital for the education of children » AstrakhanFM

The Ministry of Labor of Russia has developed a bill simplifying the use of maternity capital for the education of a child. According to the document, it is allowed to direct maternity capital for the education of a child without a personal visit to the Pension Fund. Currently, in order to pay for tuition at … Read more

They will advance payment of the pension for older adults and the Welfare scholarship

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced that due to the electoral ban, upcoming elections in six states of the country and due to the consultation of revocation of mandate, the payment of the Wellness Programs of the Federal Government. In addition, López Obrador pointed out that the same will be done with the pensions for … Read more

The seventh concert of the Golden Star Group in 2021 has successfully ended

Original title: The seventh stage of the Golden Star Group concert in 2021 ended successfully On November 27th, Shenzhen IBC MALL format fashion release center, the seventh concert of the Golden Star Group in 2021 opened with a burst of surprise. Golden Star Group Li Jiarui, Yang Lanlan, Lu Junjia, Wang Yanzhe, Li Zhuoxuan, Zhan … Read more

FWTM – Fairs – Congresses – Events – Konzerthaus – Freiburg

www.funkemedia.de Deadline: Fr, 31.03.2023 Inlet: 6.30 p.m. Start: 8 p.m. Venue: SICK-ARENA Entrance fee: to € 69.50 Organizer: Funke Media GmbH Alster terrace 10 20354 Hamburg Tel. +49 40 45011010 Email: info@funkemedia.de Tickethotline: +49 40 450118676 RVF Kombi Ticket: Entry ticket = RVF ticketFree return trip with the RVF-KombiTicket Press releases: PM Ina Müller (pdf, … Read more

How to choose the best individual pension plan | Markets

While waiting for the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations to specify the new figure of public promotion pension funds (FPPP) and to start up, individual pension plans are one of the best alternatives for forecast savings , together with investment funds, individual systematic savings plans (PIAS) or unit linked. An alternative that, it … Read more

Landéan. Art’Animal, a new animal boarding house in La Bézilière

The company Tiphanie Feunteun arrived at La Bézilière in August 2020, and opened Art’Animal, a boarding house for dogs, cats and NAC (New pets), in July 2021. A boarding house to which she wished to give the motto Free and happy. Tiphanie Feunteun has a baccalaureate in animal production, a BTS in natural area management … Read more