Postgraduate Scholarship | Kaliningrad State Technical University

26.05.2022 Postgraduate Scholarship An open competitive selection is announced among graduate students for the right to receive scholarships from the President/Government of the Russian Federation, studying in educational programs of higher education for the 2022/2023 academic year. The award of scholarships is carried out based on the results of the selection of applicants from among … Read more

The organizers of the canceled concert “Hands up!” through the court returned 250 thousand for tickets / May 16, 2022 | Yekaterinburg, News of the day 05/16/22

The Urals were able to sue 250 thousand rubles for tickets to the “Hands Up!” concert, which was postponed without a good reason. A class action lawsuit was filed by 46 people, but after the court decision, all other viewers can also demand a refund, the court will make a similar decision. Concert of the … Read more

Hit West »The end of the tunel for concerts and shows?

<!– Hit West »The end of the tunel for concerts and shows? – The podcast wall <meta name="description" content="September 28th, 2021: From next Monday, the gauges will be lifted in places that welcome the public, for … (Radios, Hit West, On site or … TAKE AWAY – Hit West)”/> <meta property="og:description" content=" From next Monday, … Read more

The 10 richest investors on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (

(Ecofin Agency) – The platform recently released its ranking of the richest people in South Africa, based on the value of their shares on Africa’s main stock exchange, the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Patrice Motsepe (photo) is at the forefront of South African billionaires. Its shares on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) reached a value … Read more

Unemployment levels in Colombia and countries of the world as of June 2021 | Employment | Economy

As in Colombia, the unemployment rate was known until last June, which continued to show the recovery in the labor market, other countries in the world have been announcing their evolution after the severe blow of the pandemic, and although the general trend is towards improvement, it is taking place at rates that are quite … Read more

Rajapalayam – Weekend – Kommersant

“Raja Rajapalayam is glad to rajapalayam” – a popular Indian tongue twister might say. Maybe the truth is, especially since the Rajah Rajapalayam had every reason to rejoice at the fact of the possession of the Rajapalayam, they are the Rayapalayam, the greyhounds of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, formerly called Madras. And … Read more

Georgian highlanders and Azerbaijanis entered the “beer battle” – Mir – Kommersant

A new hotbed of tension may emerge in Georgia, affecting relations with neighboring Azerbaijan. In the small town of Dmanisi, after a fight near a shop on a domestic basis, hundreds of Georgian mountain dwellers (Svans) and local Azerbaijanis staged a real massacre using clubs, iron rods and stones. The situation was stabilized only after … Read more

Scholarships | Kaliningrad State Technical University

The license for the right to carry out educational activities was issued by the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science No. 2217 dated June 24, 2016. The certificate of state accreditation was issued by the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science No. 2286 dated October 07, 2016. Certificate of the Participant … Read more

Souvenir concerts | Listen to the latest shows

Radio: Radio Maria Argentina Sunday 10:00 p.m. to 11:59 p.m. from: 01/01/2021 Memories Concerts is a program of classical and instrumental music of all genres and from various parts of the world that we could summarize under the title of “the music of all time.” Unforgettable melodies nuanced with short stories and memories of history, … Read more

What are police uniforms like in other parts of the world? – More Regions – International

This week, the change of the National Police uniform was confirmed by General Jorge Luis Vargas. He commented that, to choose the design, 84 thousand surveys were carried out in order to know the needs of the personnel when carrying out their work. The change is contemplated within the new Citizen Security Surveillance model. However, … Read more