Outlook: Enlarge text display when reading mail

Roland Freist Is the font size of the emails displayed in Outlook too small for you? This is how you set the desired zoom mode permanently. Enlarge Outlook: Enlarge text display © Outlook Many people have problems reading the text of incoming e-mails, especially with high-resolution monitors. Because with a higher resolution the display becomes … Read more

Ivy’s dog looks like a frog and can ride like that. Disease made her a wonder dog (and a star)

The guy shot a video with his dog with short spine syndrome, and the animal lovers realized: this is a frogdog. The unusual appearance not only does not interfere, but also helps the pet to become a star. After all, the hearts of people were conquered in just a few jumps. The first video of … Read more

Culture 2020: the year of cancellations

December 25, 2020 – 10:03 am Clock Berlin (dpa) – The Golden Globes, Oscars and Grammys, the RTL jungle camp, the Berlinale and the Vienna Opera Ball still took place normally. But from March 2020 it was over with normality in the cultural scene. In the Corona crisis there were cancellations and changes. Theaters, opera … Read more