Deku and his friends have a work experience at the zoo! “Hiroaka x Tobu Zoo” collaboration event will be held from May 28th –GAME Watch

(The image is from the official Twitter of the TV anime “My Hero Academia”) Tobu Leisure Planning will hold a collaboration event with the TV anime “My Hero Academia” from May 28th to August 31st at “Tobu Zoo” (Miyashiro Town, Saitama Prefecture) operated by the company. This was revealed in the mini corner “My Hero … Read more

La Nación / New publications, concerts, contests and other topics

The week that begins offers us a series of alternatives for enjoyment and knowledge. For example, the presentation of “Junta de voz”, a new collection of poems by Francisco Pérez Maricevich. Also the possibility of enjoying a concert by the Symphony Orchestra of the National Congress of Paraguay (OSIC), which will inaugurate the Official International … Read more

The musicians lowered their voice – Kommersant FM – Kommersant

Russian artists, one by one, postpone the next concerts for an indefinite period. Recently, Boris Grebenshchikov announced on Twitter that the performances of Aquarium have been canceled until better times. Earlier, other rock bands also announced the postponement of concerts. At the same time, musicians risk losing streaming listening revenue. This is due to the … Read more

[Special plan]I tried playing the happy set “Tabekko Animal” first! Coloring pages and stickers with the theme of 5 kinds of animals are now available –HOBBY Watch

McDonald’s Japan will release Happy Meal “Tabekko Animal” and “Pokemon Mezasta” at McDonald’s stores nationwide from March 4th for a limited time. The price of Happy Meal starts from 470 yen (tax included). Prices may vary at some stores. McDonald’s original coloring pages and stickers will appear in “Tabekko Animal”. In addition, “Pokemon Mezasta” will … Read more

BMW, “JOY MOVES ME” project full-scale start SNS follow & posting campaign that you can ride 3 series for free for 1 year –Car Watch

A project to share and share the memories of spending time with the car On February 21, BMW launched a project “JOY MOVES ME” to share “JOY”, which is born from various moments surrounding mobility, with all people as “joy of running through life”. At the same time, a new campaign “Minna no #JOY MOVES … Read more

Yellow Hat Develops “Cat Pop-out Sign” to alert drivers in “National Traffic Nyan All Campaign” to protect cat safety –Car Watch

Historical Cat Day “Transportation Nyan All Presentation” released around 2:22 on February 22, 2022 At around 22:22 (scheduled) on February 22nd, which is Cat Day, a 240-second “Traffic Nyan All Presentation” will be released on the Yellow Hat official YouTube channel. With the contents of a press conference that cats can enjoy together, such as … Read more

Super-easy and affordable electronic work + JavaScript for the first step in full-scale programming-Which one do you use?Programming Education Tool-Window Forest

Most of the programming materials for children are visual type that allows you to create programs with simple operations. On the other hand, when learning programming in earnest, the program code is written in text. Last time, I introduced how to program the “Yukai Creatures & Heart Kit Set” of “kurikit” with the visual type … Read more

Tax payment, education, vaccination-Summary of promotion of digitalization, etc.[Yoshihiro Nakajima’s “Five News You Should Know Now” 2022/1/6 ~ 1/13]–INTERNET Watch

1. Tax payment, education, vaccination-summary of digitalization promotion Prior to the final tax return, the NTA’s electronic national tax filing and tax payment system (e-Tax) has made it possible to send e-Tax using the My Number card method by reading a two-dimensional bar code with a smartphone terminal. Was announced (Keitai Watch). If you have … Read more

“Animal Crossing: New Clothes Forest” x “Gelato Pique” collaboration item 2nd release today –GAME Watch

gelato pique will release the second “Atsumare Animal Crossing meets GELATO PIQUE”, a collaboration product with the simulation “Atsumare Animal Crossing” for Nintendo Switch, from January 14th. The price starts from 2,420 yen (tax included). It will be sold at the official Gelato Pique online store, USAGI ONLINE, and some directly managed stores. Some products … Read more