The United States announced its intention to continue to impose sanctions against Belarus :: Politics :: RBC

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and Jake Sullivan (Photo: Tsihanouskaya / Twitter) The United States will continue to impose sanctions on Belarus to support the opposition, the White House said on the meeting between US President’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and Belarusian opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya. “The United States, together with partners and allies, will continue to … Read more

Jean-Luc Mélenchon denounces the health pass

The candidate of Insubordinate France tries to capture the anger against Emmanuel Macron without mixing with the antivax. A balancing act. During a “Speech” Friday afternoon, Jean-Luc Mélenchon wanted to criticize the new executive measures related to the health situation, avoiding mixing with the camp of «antivaccines» denounced Thursday by Emmanuel Macron. Traveling in the … Read more

Is Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu too witty or is he mocking the mind of the nation?

In the previous article, on the presidential candidacy Nation Alliance discussion among its stakeholders “Things went well in the opposition” We interpreted it as Our finding was considered a bit premature and a bit hasty by some of our readers. However, CHP leader Mr. Kilicdaroglu‘s statements made over the weekend Nation Alliance and the relationship … Read more

a candidacy of Anne Hidalgo caught by #saccageparis, melting pot of all anger

STORY – Anti-car policy, dirt in the streets, choice of street furniture … The movement has grown to express its anger towards the policies of the mayor of Paris. Anger is contagious in the capital. After a great success by denouncing, via social networks, the dirtiness of the streets and the choices of new street … Read more

Foreign Minister of Belarus accused the West of trying to turn the country into a “second Ukraine”

The journalist of the propaganda state channel of the Russian Federation asked Makei if he agreed with the “opinion” that Belarus was “a springboard for technologies of revolutions.” “I absolutely agree. I think the goal was (I mean the goal of those who organized the corresponding actions in Belarus) to create a second Ukraine here. … Read more

François Bayrou wants caregivers who refuse to be vaccinated to be “suspended”

The High Commissioner for Planning considers the refusal of caregivers to be vaccinated as “non-assistance in person in danger”. As the government prepares new announcements to try to contain the Delta variant of Covid-19, concern is mounting over the categorical refusal of some caregivers to be vaccinated. Guest of BFMTV this Sunday, François Bayrou recalled … Read more

We do not see them as enemies to destroy, but as adversaries to defeat, says opposition AMLO – El Financiero

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador indicated this Thursday that due to the transformation that his administration is carrying out, a new conservative bloc was integrated, which is openly opposed to the government that it represents and the public policies that they propose. “First of all, I point out that this reactionary group will always be … Read more

Political persecution grows in Nicaragua: How will international pressure influence? | Voice of America

MIAMI, USA – Opposition politicians, activists, and independent journalists increasingly face the tightest siege in Nicaragua. Miguel Mora, presidential candidate in the November general elections, was arrested on Sunday night accused of “carrying out acts that undermine independence, sovereignty and self-determination.” It is the justification given by the Nicaraguan authorities to arrest the majority of … Read more

Emmanuel Macron continues his subliminal campaign

Three days before the first round of regional, the Head of State visited the lands of Xavier Bertrand and the RN in Hauts-de-France. Promised, Emmanuel Macron is not in the countryside. But there is still a doubt. Traveling in Hauts-de-France Thursday for the third stage of his Tour de France, the President of the Republic … Read more

Detained Russian woman Sofya Sapega – the girl’s father asks Lukashenko for clemency

“She is threatened with very serious prison terms. In this appeal, on the eve of Alexander Lukashenko’s visit to the Primorsky Territory, I would like to address him personally as a father to his father. Alexander Grigorievich, I ask you for mercy. Enough cruelty, the world has been overflowing with it recently. “- said Andrey … Read more