Innovation in the field is geared towards optimizing water

With what objective was the ´El Mirador ‘center created? The center was born as a way to provide real solutions to the farmers of Campo de Cartagena. In this way, a reliable and complete experimentation of new varieties and cultivation techniques demanded by the sector is carried out, which are then transferred through reports, workshops … Read more

Bad time to organize tours

The farewell concerts of Elton John, Extremoduro and Txarango have also been parked by the pandemic. In December 2019, singer and guitarist Peter Frampton made the decision to leave the stage. He announced the last five concerts in England for May 2020. Tickets have flown. Then what happened happened. The pandemic buried his farewell tour. … Read more

UCAM Esports, the only professional electronic sports club in the Region

The Catholic University of Murcia began working with electronic sports in 2016 with the launch of a pioneering international chair in this area. As with traditional sport, the University has also arranged a scholarship scheme for these players. An example of this is José Manuel Pardo, a promising young man from the Esports university team, … Read more

Suspended this Saturday’s concert of the Symphony in the El Batel Auditorium

Despite the fact that a few weeks ago Cartagena announced the return of public shows in the port city, the new infection figures will force the City Council to take a step back. In fact, the El Batel Auditorium has already canceled the concert scheduled at the venue for this Saturday, Show must go ÖSRM, … Read more

The musical agenda that defies the coronavirus in Murcia

In recent years, Murcia had emerged as a great stage for concerts of a national and even international nature. Beyond Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the capital of Segura had crept in as one of the juiciest options for promoters and artists when it comes to organizing tour dates in Spain, probably at the level of Bilbao, … Read more

Covid raises drug spending to a record 732 million

The year closed with at least 1,000 million in disbursement, of which 47 million are related to the pandemic. Non-prescription spending is the one that has skyrocketed the most as a result of the virus with 23% year-on-year. The accumulated spending on drugs and medical supplies skyrocketed during 2020, mainly due to the fight against … Read more