An official from Novorossiysk spent 700 thousand rubles from the national project “Education”

In Novorossiysk, an official spent almost 700,000 rubles from the budget in the implementation of the national project. This was reported by the press service of the prosecutor’s office of the Krasnodar Territory. “At the initiative of the prosecutor’s office of the city of Novorossiysk, the head of a state-owned institution who committed a budget … Read more

In Novorossiysk, a dog was saved with the help of a noose VIDEO

Novorossiysk rescuers with the help of a noose and good hands pulled a dog out of a fountain on the city’s Embankment. This was announced in the telegram channel Alexey Oderovhead of the local rescue service. He clarified that the dog did not know how it got into the fountain, and then could not jump … Read more

A dog that fell into a fountain was rescued in Novorossiysk. August 5, 2022 Kuban news

A photo: A photo: City rescuers came to help the animal. Today, a dog got stuck in a fountain located near the sea station of the hero city. The animal tried to get out of the fountain bowl by itself. However, he was unable to do so. Then the eyewitnesses called the rescuers. … Read more

The building of the elementary school in Tsemdolin is almost a quarter ready

A photo: press service of the administration of the Krasnodar Territory An institution for 400 places is being built according to the regional project “Modern School” of the national project “Education”. The building will be a separate three-story building. On the first floor there will be classrooms for the first grades, for grades 2-4 – … Read more

The dog attacked two children in the elevator of one of the Novorossiysk houses

It happened in a cramped elevator in a South District apartment building. An enclosed space of 1.5 by 2.5 meters, in which there are two children, an adult woman and not at all a small aggressive dog without a muzzle. Tamara, the mother of children aged 11 and 13, who almost became victims of an … Read more

An ambulance paramedic in Novorossiysk was bitten by a patient’s dog

The animal was immediately closed in one of the rooms Photo: An ambulance paramedic was bitten by a patient’s dog in Novorossiysk. The dog pounced on the woman when the door opened, according to the message of the city hospital number 1 on the social network Instagram. So, an ambulance team came to one … Read more

In Novorossiysk, teachers will receive 100 thousand rubles each for the obligation to work for three years

The head of Novorossiysk, Igor Dyachenko, instructed to develop measures of financial support for financial teachers due to the lack of teachers in schools. So, starting next year, it is proposed to pay on a competitive basis 40 specialists aged 30 to 45 years lifting in the amount of 100 thousand rubles, if they undertake … Read more

Siri the dog from Novorossiysk takes part in the filming of the series | SOCIETY: Events | SOCIETY

Siri the dog from Novorossiysk takes part in the filming of the series. The owner and trainer of the dog Igor Karatsuba announced this in his Instagram account. The main role in the series will be played by the star of Russian cinema and People’s Artist of Russia Elena Yakovleva. A dog from Novorossiysk named … Read more

In Novorossiysk there were eight cases of attacks of stray dogs on people

A photo: press service of the Novorossiysk administration Since the beginning of the year, eight attacks of stray animals on people have been recorded in the hero-city. The number of homeless animals in the city is growing every year. They gather in flocks and show aggression towards people, posing a serious threat to people on … Read more