Education: Free voters demand semester ticket

Brandenburg state parliament should speak out in favor of receiving student tickets Brandenburg’s free voters want to receive the semester ticket at the universities in the state. On Tuesday, its science policy spokesman Mathias Stefke presented an application in Potsdam, according to which the state government should negotiate with Berlin and the Berlin-Brandenburg transport association … Read more

Schwerin concerts: Black Sea Cossack melodies can be heard in the Schelfkirche

Ukrainians and Russians sing together in the state capital. Ticket sales have started. Schwerin | Deep voices, brisk melodies and soft songs. The concerts of the Black Sea Cossack Choir attract thousands to the concert halls and churches every year. In the coming year, the musicians around Peter Orloff will go on tour again – … Read more

Series Coalition Agreement MV: What’s in it? – Good education for a good future

School closings, inclusion and digital learning: This is what the SPD and the Left promise for MV. Schwerin | The draft for the red-red coalition agreement in MV has been in place since last week. But what else can be found in the 77-page copy, apart from the promises already known such as the on-call … Read more

Education in Schwerin: Volkshochschule is urgently looking for a German teacher

In order to be able to secure the offer further, she needs teachers for the secondary school leaving certificate. Schwerin | The Volkshochschule Schwerin is looking for lecturers for German lessons in secondary school with immediate effect. Schoolchildren can catch up on their secondary school leaving certificate at the facility. The requirements for teachers in … Read more

Animal rights activists have to intervene: Dog owners in Rostock are overwhelmed with huskies

A case from the Hanseatic city shows that not every race is suitable for everyone. Future dog owners should consider this in advance. Rostock | When the employees of the Rostock animal shelter received a desperate call from the Rostock district of Toitenwinkel, they found a completely disturbed dog in the apartment and two unsuspecting … Read more

Festival of youth cultures in Schwerin: Concerts on two stages in the youth club Doktor K.

The Schweriner Jugendring celebrates its second “Festival of Youth Cultures” on Saturday with a flea market, moped show and concerts. Schwerin | The Schwerin Youth Ring invites you to the big court and house party on Saturday, October 30th. In the Doktor K. youth club, the heavy metal club “Bangers and Maniacs” and the “exception” … Read more

Concert in the warehouse: Rock singer Anne Haigis is looking forward to her performance in Schwerin

The German rock singer will play in Speicher on October 30th. Why a concert in Schwerin will always be something special for you. Schwerin | When she plays in the Schwerin warehouse, she almost feels at home, says Anne Haigis. The German rock singer is coming to the state capital on Saturday, October 30th. Your … Read more

KMG Klinikum Güstrow: Trainees are encouraged for performance and commitment

This awarding of certificates is almost a tradition in the Güstrower KMG-Klinikum: For the seventh time, the Dr. Wolfgang Neubert Foundation provides training in health professions with scholarships. Güstrow | For the seventh time, trainees at the KMG Klinikum Güstrow were able to apply for a scholarship from the Dr. Wolfgang Neubert Foundation is happy: … Read more

Reader telephone extra: is there protection against shingles?

Experts from the German Society for Pain Medicine answer questions about herpes zoster disease. Schwerin | Shingles is accompanied by a vesicular, itchy rash and can cause severe nerve pain. If the pain persists even after the rash has subsided, post-zoster neuralgia has developed, which requires targeted therapy. The cause of shingles are herpes zoster … Read more