Open-Air-Saison at Seaside Beach with Seeed, Guetta & Co.

Essen. After the forced break, the open-air season finally starts at Seaside Beach in Essen. Also present are Rea Garvey, Sarah Connor and Deichkind What was the joy of the fans when, after the sold-out Dortmund concert in October 2019, it was clear: Seeed will return to the region a year later – and then … Read more

Education in the day-care center: widespread criticism of cutback plans

training Language support in day-care centers: Associations criticize cuts 04.08.2022, 13:08 This is how parents save money: mobile phone tariffs for children & families // IMTEST This is how parents save money – Mobile phone tariffs for children & family // IMTEST IMTEST took a detailed look at the smartphone tariffs of the largest providers. … Read more

Wesel: “Acoustics” concerts in the Diesfordt Castle Church

Wesel. After the Corona break, the “Acoustics” concert series will be continued in the Dierstfordt Castle Church in Wesel. Which artists perform there. After the corona-related cancellations of the last two concert series, the “Acoustics” concerts in the Dierstfordt Castle Church are to take place again in autumn. As the organizers from the Diersfordt culture … Read more

Classic and Rock: Concert for prisoners of the JVA in Braunschweig – Braunschweig – Current News

correctional facility Classic and rock: concert for prisoners of the JVA in Braunschweig Updated: 2022-08-02 13:00 | Reading time: 2 minutes Inoue Hinako (left) and Nikoletta Pastushchak presented classical music – alternating with rock music by prison chaplain Markus Galonska and Matthias Risau Klöpper. Photo: Peter Sierigk Braunschweig. Around 70 prisoners experienced culture and music … Read more

SUP in Stade: Where people and dogs go on the water together

SUP courses in Stade Where people and dogs go on the water together Updated: 2022-08-02 06:06 | Reading time: 5 minutes Carolin Hoffmann and her dog Findus are also a unit on the board. Only when there is great trust between man and dog do four-legged friends embark on such a risk.Rachel Wahba (4) Photo: … Read more

Ringenberg scholarship holders are already in the middle of the work process

Hamminkeln. The art scholarship holders still have a good four weeks left at Ringenberg Castle. In the middle of the work process, they show what has been created so far. Hvu {xfj Xpdifo jtu ft ifs- ebtt =b isfgµ#iuuqt;00xxx/os{/ ujumfµ# xxx/os{/ef#?ejf ejftkåisjhfo Lvotu.Tujqfoejbufo=0b? ejf Bufmjfs.Såvnf jn =b isfgµ#iuuqt;00xxx/os{/ef0tubfeuf0xftfm.ibnnjolfmo.tdifsncfdl0ibnnjolfmo.tdimptt.sjohfocfsh.tpmm.pggfo.gvfs.bmmf.tfjo.je343461772/iunm# ujumfµ#xxx/os{/ef#? Tdimptt Sjohfocfsh=0b? cf{phfo ibcfo voe ejf … Read more

Aggressive mood: dog secures police operation in Hagen

Hagen center. Aggressive mood prevailed at the weekend during a police operation in which pepper spray was also used. In view of the aggressive mood during a police operation in the station district, the law enforcement officers had to use service dogs in Hagen at the weekend. In a dispute in the city center, a … Read more

Braunschweig fire brigade frees swan cub from the fishing hook

animal rescue Braunschweig fire brigade frees swan cub from the fishing hook 31.07.2022, 13:53 Animal drama at Lake Bienroder. The swan cub has injured its beak. Photo: Verena Paliga / Braunschweig Fire Department Braunschweig. The swan cub got caught in a torn fishing line including hook and wobbler, and his beak was injured, which was … Read more

How young people from Duisburg represent Germany in the USA

Duisburg. Two people from Duisburg live in America for a year with a grant from the German Parliament. What the President of the Bundestag Bärbel Bas hopes for. Wjfmf kvohf Nfotdifo usåvnfo ebwpo- gýs fjojhf [fju jn Bvtmboe {v mfcfo/ Gýs ejf cfjefo Evjtcvshfs Ojmt Lbnjotlj voe Cfmb Sptf hfiu ejftfs Xvotdi jo Fsgýmmvoh/ Tjf … Read more

Shawn Mendes cancels the entire tour – no concert in Cologne

Köln. Singer Shawn Mendes has canceled the rest of his “Wonder: The World Tour” – this also affects the concert on July 3, 2023 in Cologne. Shawn Mendes is canceling his entire tour, the Canadian pop star announced on his social media channels on Thursday morning. This also affects his concert in Cologne’s Lanxess Arena, … Read more