“GLOBALLERS”, which discovers and nurtures “ballers who can compete with the world”, announces tryouts in 2023! – Basket Count | Basket Count

Last year, after a domestic training camp, 6 players went on an expedition to the United States as an overseas challenge. The “GLOBALLERS Project” is a project to discover and nurture “Japanese basketball players who can compete with the world” by discovering young talents who fly from Japan to the world. Under the slogan “TO … Read more

Warriors’ James Weisman to G League, Kerr ‘playing more time in games is best’ – Basket Count

No playing time in 3 games in a row, etc. Recently out of the rotation Warriors manager Steve Kerr has announced that James Wiseman will be sent to the team’s G League side, Santa Cruz. Wiseman, who joined the team as the No. 2 pick in the 2020 draft, has returned from an injury-related hiatus … Read more

Carmelo Anthony’s son Kiyan receives scholarship offer from father’s alma mater Syracuse University – Basket Count

Carmelo was only in school for one year, but he led his alma mater to the national tournament championship. Carmelo Anthony’s son Kiyan has revealed on Instagram that he has received a scholarship offer from his father’s alma mater, Syracuse University. Kian, who is scheduled to enter university in the fall of 2025, currently has … Read more

From literary and martial arts, Taiga Kagitomi takes on the challenge of B League (Part 1) “I want to play more basketball” – Basket Count | Basket Count

Taiga Kagitomi, who served as the captain in 2016 of Fukuoka University attached Ohori, which is known for both academics and athletics among basketball powerhouses, moved to the United States after graduating with a “Slam Dunk Scholarship” and played at a Division 3 university. After graduating, he had already decided to pursue a career, but … Read more

“Rakuten Sports” signs management contract with young B leaguer Kai Toews & King Kai-Basketball Count |

“Give people joy and fun through basketball with Rakuten” Rakuten Group Co., Ltd., which operates “Rakuten Sports”, which develops businesses to support athletes globally, announced that it will support the management activities of Kai Toews of Shiga Lakes and King Kai of Yokohama B-Corsairs. Currently 23 years old, Taves is from Hyogo prefecture and is … Read more

Shimane Susanoo Magic wins Stretch 4 Daichi Taniguchi and Combo Guard Shota Tsuyama –Basket Count | Basket Count

Taniguchi “I’m really looking forward to finding many good places in Shimane and seeing them with my own eyes.” Shimane Susanoo Magic announced that it has signed new contracts with Daichi Taniguchi and Shota Tsuyama. Taniguchi, now 32 years old, is a 201 cm 105 kg power forward and center. After trying to study in … Read more