Altstadt – Concerts in the inner courtyard – Munich

With “Summer in the courtyard”, the Munich City Museum at St.-Jakobs-Platz 1 has been organizing a diverse cultural program in its inner courtyard since mid-July. This week visitors can listen to three concerts on site, each from 7 p.m. On this Wednesday, August 25th, Ozan Ata Canani will present his extraordinary style, which mixes German … Read more

In the middle of Schwabing – the greatest dog can hardly stand that – Munich

Yesterday was world excursion day. As if all schools and kindergartens had agreed on this one Thursday, it felt like bustling everywhere. Schoolchildren on tour. A bus is already parked in front of the Simmern School. Aha, it will probably go further away. The children are well equipped. With water bottles, small rucksacks. A hoot, … Read more

In the middle of Munich – a seat concert is not just a seat concert – Dachau

It’s crazy times. As a journalist you have already written this many times in the past weeks and months and thought even more often as a citizen of this country, but that doesn’t make it any less true – and to be fair you have to say that it’s not always the virus alone. Certainly, … Read more

Neuaubing – popular area – Munich

The sports field on Überlinger Weg is in great demand. It actually belongs to the middle school on Reichenaustrasse, but the school only uses the site to a limited extent due to the distance. Especially since there are also sports facilities on the school premises. According to information from Aubing’s local politicians, the school management … Read more

Milbertshofen – Hungry for Education – Munich

In the tranquil inner courtyard of the Dankeskirche, which is surrounded by red brick walls, it looks like a weekly market on a Thursday afternoon. Under the pointed blue tent pavilions there is a smell of fresh fruit and vegetables, orange sacks of carrots and light brown potatoes are piled up on beer benches. However, … Read more

Milbertshofen – Hunger for indoor culture – Munich

The hall is booming, the visitors are sweating. It’s tight. It is hot. It’s noisy. People move to the music. Together. In the crowd. Concerts in the Olympiahalle look almost like a relic from a long time ago. Because where a year and a half ago more than 15,000 viewers experienced great musicians, Johanniter is … Read more

Schwabing – Motets in Schwabinger Cathedral – Munich

May 13, 2021, 9:33 p.m. Schwabing:Motetten in Schwabinger Dom Music has always been of great importance in Schwabing Cathedral. Whether organ replay, musical devotions, concerts or unusual sounds at Eucharistic celebrations – in St. Ursula at Kaiserplatz 1 the church interior is also a room of sounds. And so on Whit Saturday, May 22nd, 8 … Read more

Nymphenburg – Singing with your hands – Munich

When the members of the “Sing & Sign” choir meet online for a rehearsal, the microphones are muted. On this day there is an interpreter who translates from the German Sign Language (DGS), the most important instrument of the choir, into the spoken language of the listener. Before it starts, the members take their standard … Read more

Education – taken by the hand – Munich

She feels privileged, but does not want to sit on a high horse: Cornelia Bäuerle is one of the volunteers in the “Bildungskickstart” project, an initiative of the Munich-based Caritas, which wants to support abandoned schoolchildren individually. The 27-year-old student is part of the party: “I want to give something back to society,” says Bäuerle. … Read more

Tassilo – Pasing’s small Wigmore Hall – Munich

His reputation spread to distant Florence. The older, art-loving woman from Hamburg in the breakfast room of the small guesthouse around the corner from the Basilica di Santa Croce lets the espresso cup sink when someone tells her that you come from Pasing. “Ah, you probably know Mr. Weck with his music series,” she says. … Read more