Digital education…at the expense of the students and teachers, AixConcept GmbH, press release

The state is increasingly pushing into digital education as a provider. In a current statement, the Didacta Association of the Education Industry expresses concern that the federal government and individual federal states are unfairly affecting the market and its dynamics with tax-financed IT solutions for schools – and thus weakening the medium-sized education and digital … Read more

Department of Education University of Santiago

Between September 8 and 9, the academic from the Department of Education and Director of the Master in Education mention in Curriculum and Evaluation, participated in the tenth edition of the International Education Forum of the Metropolitan Region of Campinas (RMC) Brazil, with the objective of providing experiences on pedagogical work in the current context. … Read more

Department of Education University of Santiago

The University of Santiago de Chile, together with the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, the Future Challenges Commission of the Senate and the French Embassy in Chile, among other organizations, commemorated the 100th birthday of the French sociologist and philosopher, promoter of the paradigm of the complexity. By Camila Vásquez This July 8 and 9, … Read more

Department of Education University of Santiago

The postgraduate program of the Department of Education, offered this Wednesday the third conversation on higher education, focused on Inclusion in Higher Education. The Master’s Program in Education with a mention in Curriculum and Evaluation, led by the academic of our unit, Dr. Daniel Ríos, held on Wednesday the discussion “Experiences of Educational Innovation for … Read more

University of Cartagena – Credit Talk

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