The main mistakes when brushing teeth are named

Yesterday, 13:51 | author: Marat Kudeev | Photo There is a certain technique for cleaning the mouth, in which many make significant mistakes. The Sun journalist Lauren Windle spoke about the need to follow the correct technique for this procedure. Windel said tooth enamel can be damaged by pressing hard with a brush. Therefore, … Read more

How to correct errors in my work life report step by step

The work life report is a document that collects the registrations and cancellations of a person in Social Security throughout the years of work and where the companies and other entities for which they have been able to work are reflected. The report may be required when carrying out procedures Very diverse, from looking for … Read more

Three common mistakes when making guacamole

The guacamole it is, perhaps, the most common way to take advantage of avocados. The most international Mexican recipe is liked for its original flavor, using trendy ingredients, not requiring much time to prepare and being the ideal aperitif to share. But your achievement can easily be spoiled if you’re not careful. These are the … Read more

Onemi adds a new error in a week after informing the evacuation of workers at El Teniente mine | National

The National Emergency Office added a new error in a week, after he reported on Saturday afternoon an evacuation of workers at the El Teniente mine in the O’Higgins region, which never happened. It was shortly after 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, January 23, that an evacuation notice from coastal areas from the Onemi alerted the … Read more