In Penza, a former student was charged more than 400 thousand tuition costs in favor of the Ministry of Health

The Penza Railway Court exacted more than 400,000 rubles from the former student in favor of the regional Ministry of Health. It was established that in April 2015, an agreement was concluded between the Ministry of Health and the Penza region “On targeted training at the expense of the budget of the Penza region”. The … Read more

How education and science will be restored after the war

On April 21, by decree of the President of Ukraine, the National Council for the Restoration of Ukraine from the Consequences of the War was established. Its main tasks, in particular, include: development of an action plan for the post-war reconstruction and development of Ukraine; development of proposals on priority reforms, which must be adopted … Read more

MV wants to attract more pediatricians with financial incentives | – News

Status: 05/26/2022 07:58 a.m Pediatricians are needed everywhere in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. In order to keep future specialist staff in the country, financial incentives are now being created – in the form of scholarships and starter bonuses. MV wants to attract future paediatricians with scholarships and starter bonuses. A total of around 4.8 million euros are … Read more

“There is no evidence so far of a disproportionate outbreak”

The Minister of Education, Marco Antonio Avila, He referred this Monday to the Changes in the protocol of face-to-face classes in educational establishmentswhich will set a minimum floor of 80% vaccinated and will expand vaccination coverage, in addition to the flexibility of the full school day. “The outbreaks are quite minor. When the percentage of … Read more

The regional Ministry of Health decided to reduce the period of working out for “targeted”

Photo The regional Ministry of Health proposed to reduce the period of mandatory work for graduates of medical colleges and universities who were trained in the “target direction”. Now this period is 5 years. The Ministry of Health proposes to “balance” it to “maximum 3”. The corresponding initiative at a meeting of the social … Read more

These are the municipalities that could not hold concerts or fairs in December

Progress in vaccination will be one of the essential points to be able to carry out activities. Today, during the Unified Command Post, the Ministry of Health recalled that it is planning a new resolution in which it will clarify what the rules of the game will be in order to hold massive events during … Read more

Record number of vaccinations against COVID-19 / GORDON made in Ukraine per day

“New vaccination record: per day. […] 291,293 people have been vaccinated against COVID-19. 212,013 people received one dose, 79,280 people were fully immunized, “the message says. According to the specialized portal of the Ministry of Health, 1164 mobile immunization teams, 3220 points and 384 vaccination centers of the population were vaccinated on Tuesday. Most doses … Read more

Lukashenka has an argument with an official over a request to wear a mask

On October 26, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko visited the Lida hospital. Before entering, the officials accompanying him urged him to wear a mask to protect against the coronavirus. However, the Belarusian leader refused for a long time. The video recording of the dispute was published in the Telegram channel “Pool of the First”. One … Read more

It is decided to test in schools, it concerns these eight districts

The Ministry of Health has decided on local testing in schools. It will cover the districts of České Budějovice, Ostrava-město, Prostějov, Prachatice, Brno-venkov, Přerov, Opava and Karviná, on 1 and 8 November. The Minister of Education Robert Plaga (for YES) informed about it on Twitter. “Testing will involve about 165 thousand students,” said Plaga. Convoy … Read more

More than 14 thousand Ukrainians fell ill with COVID-19 per day / GORDON

Among the new cases – 999 children and 173 health workers. Also, over the past day, 3912 people were hospitalized, deaths – 330, 4598 people recovered. For the entire time of the epidemic in Ukraine fell ill 2 784 039 man, recovered – 2 380 374, lethal cases – 64 202. According to the information … Read more