Nissan sold its stake in the manufacturer to Mercedes-Benz

Nissan Motor Co. has sold its entire stake in Daimler AG for € 1.15 billion. Earlier this year, partner partner SA SA made a similar move. The companies are trying to raise funds for the transition to electric vehicles, according to Bloomberg. Nissan has sold 16.4 million shares at a price of € 69.85, according … Read more

Mercedes-Benz EQS – Electric in the luxury class

Although the EQS is a close relative of the new S-Class, it is based on a purely electrical architecture. The EQS can also one-pedal drive – to a standstill. Mercedes-Benz “The EQS is designed to exceed the expectations of even our most demanding customers. This is exactly what a Mercedes has to do to earn … Read more

The electric Mercedes EQS reveals technology. With these parameters he heads to the extra league

Even before the official world premiere, Mercedes’ electric flagship is shown in a series of masked images. And to make matters worse, the silver arrows also bid on some technical information. Mercedes will present its flagship electric car on April 15, and we should meet the first pieces on the roads during August. The carmaker … Read more

Mercedes draws a powerful weapon against Tesla

Mercedes-Benz is on track to introduce a new premium electric car that will compete in the luxury technology segment with the best technology. One of its main advantages is the highly efficient batteries, providing a range of 700 km – something that gives it a direct battle with Tesla’s Model S. The debut of the … Read more

Safety car and its history in F1: Competitors were guarded by Tatra, Lamborghini and Fiat

Mercedes has been a long-term supplier of the safety car for Formula 1, but in the 2021 season, the introductory car will also be supplied by Aston Martin. In the past, however, various cars played this role. Today, the safety car is already an integral part of Formula 1 racing. It is actually a safety … Read more

Renault is selling its stake in the manufacturer Mercedes-Benz

Renault SA will sell its entire stake in Daimler AG for about € 1.2 billion to secure funds for its transition to electric mobility after a record annual loss, Bloomberg reports. The partnership between the two companies, which has lasted for more than a decade, will not be broken. The French manufacturer will sell its … Read more

Land Rover can create an even more powerful Defender V8, AMG could compete

It’s only been a few weeks since the introduction of the top Land Rover Defender V8, but speculation about an even more powerful model is emerging. This information was recently reported by the Australian magazine Carsales, which recently interviewed the head of the Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations division, responsible for building exceptional sports … Read more

Amazon has ordered hundreds of trucks running on liquefied natural gas for US operations – News by sources has ordered hundreds of trucks running on liquefied natural gas, testing ways to remove heavy-duty trucks from its US fleet, Reuters reports. The coronavirus pandemic has led to an increase in truck delivery activities and a decrease in passenger traffic. Increasing truck traffic also means more pollution, with heavy trucks emitting a higher level … Read more

The best ‘how it started and how it goes now’ of cars: not even Elon Musk is spared

Cars So they were and so are some makes and models Bertha Benz, the Mercedes Vision AVTR and the Ford F-150 (current and original). ‘Influencers’, ‘youtubers’, actors, musicians, famous chefs, athletes professionals, trademarks and even couples or animimas people. A few months ago the social networks they were filled with a fun trend consisting of … Read more