Between humans and animals: This is how the new VHS program will be

München – “Fate companions – of humans and animals”. This is what the Munich VHS calls its new program focus, which was presented on Tuesday. By September there will be over 250 events related to the topic. From humans and animals to gastronomy Interested parties can now register online for the entire spring/summer program. There … Read more

Sabrina Klotchkova has the mobile dog school “My hero barks”

Jan 15, 2023 @ 1:38pm Series The operation next door : In action for a wonderful friendship Sabrina Klotchkova is the owner of the mobile dog school “My hero barks”. Our picture was taken at St. Arnualer Markt and shows the entrepreneur with her two dogs, Max and Mona. Photo: Becker Bredel Saarbrucken Sabrina Klotchkova … Read more

It’s about the relationship between animals and humans – Malsburg-Marzell

In mid-December, an artist and two farmers will be performing in the old school building in Vogelbach. Her topic: the special relationship to animals. “I’m afraid I’ve never seen such a powerful being, I’m allowed to stroke it, I grab my dense curls in disbelief, feel the warmth, the heat, penetrate further to the iron-hard … Read more

Exhibition “The animal in you” – plush spiders and tiger suits

The curators Manuela Ammer and Ulrike Müller found 500 works related to animals in the collection of the Vienna Museum of Modern Art, mumok. Together with some items on loan, they put together the exhibition “The animal in you” to mark the 60th anniversary of the house. Whereby it is not only about animals, but … Read more

What do dog tears have to do with emotions?

A Japanese study examined the reaction of dogs when their mistress or master returned to their four-legged friend after they had been separated for several hours. As a result, the dog then produces more tear fluid. Are they tears of joy in the end, a communication of emotions? A touching picture at first glance. And … Read more

Markus Gabriel – Man as animal, DAI Heidelberg, November 13 2022

Why we still don’t fit into nature In order to avoid our impending self-extinction, we humans must learn to live with the fact that we are animals and will never be able to overcome our physical and psychological vulnerabilities. From time immemorial we have been concerned with the question of who or what we humans … Read more

Pharmacy4pets | Online (pet) pharmacy | (veterinary) medicines

In our online pet pharmacy you will find everything you need for your pets. At Pharmacy4pets we offer you a wide range of veterinary medicines, dietary supplements, diet food and much more for your pets. In our webshop you will find an extensive selection of pet supplies for dogs, cats, horses and other pets. Online … Read more


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Intelligent elephant Happy is not a person – and must remain in captivity

“Intelligent” but not “person”: A US animal protection organization has failed in its attempt to have an elephant classified as a human being by the judiciary and thus freed from a New York zoo. The New York State Supreme Court on Tuesday denied a request by the group Nonhuman Rights Project to declare the elephant … Read more