Perczyk awarded medals to outstanding students at the National Professional Technical Education Olympiad

The Minister of Education, Jaime Perczyk, today distinguished students who stood out in the National Olympiad for Professional Technical Education and gave funds to the schools in recognition of the institutional work they carried out and to renew the training environments of the specialties that participated in the competition. “The Olympics is to observe how … Read more

230 students of the Tuva Institute for the Development of Education received a new competence in a year

230 students completed a one-year professional retraining at the Tuva Institute for the Development of Education, having successfully defended their graduation theses in the following specialties: teacher of preschool education, jurisprudence, state municipal administration, psychology, teacher education (in the field of vocational training), teacher of additional education, teacher education and other pedagogical competencies. It should … Read more

A series of educational internships for teachers of additional education for children working with children with disabilities and children with disabilities has been completed

On November 24–25, 2022, the Center for the Development of Additional Education of the GAU DPO IRO together with the Municipal Budgetary Institution of Additional Education, the Center for Additional Education of the Ust-Kutsk Municipal Formation, as part of the implementation of the passport of the regional project “Success of every child” of the national … Read more

how much is Progresar charged and how to sign up

Due to the current inflationary context, Fernanda Raverta, head of ANSES, recently approved an increase for the Progresar Scholarships By iProfessional 27/11/2022 – 08,12hs With a annual inflation that could exceed 100%, many students wonder how much is charged for Progress Scholarships. In this line, from iProfessional we tell you all the details. How many … Read more

Rospotrebnadzor is preparing a class action lawsuit on non-return of money for the canceled concert of Svetlana Loboda

Russians who bought tickets for the canceled concert of Svetlana Loboda are offered to join a class action lawsuit with the help of Rospotrebnadzor. The agency found that the organizers did not return the money for tickets to the canceled event. Rospotrebnadzor is preparing a class action lawsuit due to the canceled concert Svetlana Loboda, … Read more

The Ministry of Education opened registration for the Language Assistant Program in France

The call is addressed to regular students of any undergraduate degree (with at least 50% of the subjects passed) or postgraduate, taught at universities, teacher training institutes or higher education in the Argentine Republic and it is required to possess the Argentine nationality and be between 20 and 35 years old. Recently graduated French language … Read more

“Dogs are loyal to their masters” is wrong… What dogs really think in scientific research (President Online) Posted in PRESIDENT Online When interacting with dogs… | d menu news (NTT Docomo)

*The photo is an image – Photo = / Aleksandr Zotov Posted in PRESIDENT Online What should you be aware of when dealing with dogs? Masaaki Shikano, a dog trainer, says, “Do not anthropomorphize dogs. They are animals, and they are always driven by instincts. Don’t treat dogs with one-sided thoughts and values ​​on … Read more

Will the transfer of schools to the regions improve the quality of education – RBC

A law on the transfer of school management from the municipal to the regional level has been submitted to the Duma. Experts interviewed by RBC are sure that it does not solve the main problem of Russian education – the lack of funds at the local level Photo: Dmitry Feoktistov / TASS A draft law … Read more

2020 Japan Student Services Organization Scholarship “Eligibility Certification Briefing”|University Information|Takasaki City University of Economics

2020 Japan Student Services Organization Scholarship “Eligibility Certification Briefing” A briefing session will be held for scholarship students of the Japan Student Services Organization (Benefit type / Loan type) to explain how to submit a scholarship continuation application and an overview of eligibility certification. Eligible students will be notified individually from the notification on the … Read more

Nokia takes over leadership of the KOMSENS-6G project of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research

ESPOO (IT-Times) – The Finnish telecommunications equipment supplier Nokia recently announced that it is leading a 6G project of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Nokia Oyj (ISIN: FI0009000681) announced on November 15, 2022 that the company has taken over the management of the KOMSENS-6G project of the Federal Ministry…Read the full article…