Maxim Galkin attached a fan who handed him a bouquet at a concert in Israel

Maxim Galkin, who lost the opportunity to earn a luxurious life in Russia, is now performing in Israel. Almost every day the parodist gives concerts in small towns of this country. So, on the eve of Maxim Galkin, fans applauded in Kiryat Motzkin, a city with a population of just over forty thousand people. So … Read more

Maxim Galkin found a part-time job in Israel

Maxim Galkin admitted that at the end of February he lost all his earnings in Russia – the showman lost advertising contracts and the opportunity to arrange concerts. For four months, Maxim Galkin has been living in Israel with his wife Alla Pugacheva and children Harry and Lisa. Three months of them Maxim Galkin was … Read more

Galkin told when he will perform in Latvia and Estonia

Maksim Galkin Shows are scheduled for the first half of August. Having lost decent earnings in Russia, Maxim Galkin continues to tour foreign countries, where jokes about Russia are excellent for the local public. The day before, in his social networks, the artist told what dates he intends to perform in Estonia and Latvia. “And … Read more

Galkin announced new concerts in the Baltic States Galkin announced new concerts in the Baltic States Galkin announced new concerts in the Baltic States – RIA Novosti, 06/16/2022 Galkin announced new concerts in the Baltic States Maxim Galkin has a busy tour schedule for August in the Baltics. The humorist announced this on his social network. RIA Novosti, 06/16/2022 2022-06-16T18:28 2022-06-16T18:28 2022-06-16T18:30 … Read more

Galkin ridiculed a fan who was late for his concert in Israel. Video

Natalia Mikheeva Parodist Maxim Galkin provoked laughter in the hall against a man who came into the hall during a performance. Maksim Galkin. Photo: Global Look Press Showman Maxim Galkin actively performs in the cities of Israel, because he needs to feed a large family – his wife Alla Pugacheva and twin children Harry and … Read more

Evgeny Fridlyand criticized Maxim Galkin’s desire to work in Europe – POPCAKE

Maksim Galkin now lives in Israel and tries to earn money. So, for now, he travels with concerts in different cities of Israel, but recently he also announced performances in Australia, New Zealand, London and Warsaw. About creativity Maxim spoke out Eugene Friedland. He stated that he had not been on social networks for a … Read more

“Concerts in Warsaw and London are a challenge”

Anna Adamaites The famous director Yevgeny Fridlyand believes that Alla Pugacheva’s husband made a mistake. Maksim Galkin. Photo: Global Look Press Maxim Galkin, in his social media address on Russia Day, divided the country into two parts, saying that he congratulated one and not the other. Director Yevgeny Fridland said in his microblog that he … Read more

Friedland attacked Galkin: “Max, you didn’t catch the new reality? Your concerts in Warsaw

Producer Evgeny Fridlandwell known Alla Pugacheva and other celebrities, read the post Maxim Galkin, which the parodist published on Russia Day, but congratulated the Russians with a touch of sarcasm or insult. At least, this is what celebrity subscribers who are patriots of Russia thought. Friedland spoke about the rude words of the spouse Pugacheva … Read more

Alla Pugacheva demands money? Maxim Galkin gives two concerts a day in Israel

Natalia Mikheeva Maxim Galkin spoke the day before in two cities – Tel Aviv and Haifa. Maksim Galkin. Photo: Global Look Press The famous parodist Maxim Galkin, together with his wife, singer Alla Pugacheva and children Harry and Lisa, have been living in Israel for almost four months. After three months of forced downtime, Maxim … Read more