10 years of Valletta Baroque Festival: opulent anniversary concerts in 2022 | vivanty – entertainment & lifestyle

In the coming year the Valletta Baroque Festival will celebrate its 10th anniversary. The renowned festival is internationally famous and is highly valued for its diverse program with music from the early 17th and 18th centuries. The anniversary event presents a total of 36 concerts by well-known artists, which take place in 18 different locations … Read more

A classic reinterpretation: recipe for herbal bechamel sauce | vivanty – entertainment & lifestyle

Popular for centuries, but with an unexplained history: the bechamel sauce. Two nations and several people claim the invention of the white sauce for themselves. No wonder, because it rounds off the taste of many dishes and still refines lasagna, casseroles or vegetables in numerous kitchens. If you swap a few ingredients, you can easily … Read more

Delicious autumn cuisine: Tagliatelle with a creamy mushroom sauce, vegetable-based | vivanty – entertainment & lifestyle

Porcini mushrooms, chanterelles or mushrooms – in autumn the large selection of tasty plants makes you want dishes with mushrooms. A popular classic is pasta with mushroom cream sauce. This can also be prepared with purely vegetable ingredients. Not only does it taste delicious, it is also good for the environment at the same time. … Read more

Recipe: Baked butternut squash with kale, couscous, golden juice and cranberries | vivanty – entertainment & lifestyle

There are more than 800 ornamental and edible pumpkins in the world. Despite this great biodiversity, many people mainly use the pumpkin as a creepy Halloween decoration. To show that the pumpkin plant is also ideal for baking, grilling or cooking, the Grafschafter Krautfabrik has developed a delicious and healthy pumpkin recipe: baked butternut squash … Read more

Code instead of a pink slip of paper: The e-prescription is supposed to save you some journeys | vivanty – entertainment & lifestyle

(dpa / tmn) – Whether antibiotics, beta blockers or cholesterol-lowering drugs: In future, patients will need a digital code in the pharmacy to get the right drug. In some medical practices and pharmacies in the Berlin-Brandenburg test region, from the beginning of July you can also show an electronic prescription on your smartphone instead of … Read more

Easy Beef Broth Recipe | vivanty – entertainment & lifestyle

(dpa / tmn) – The recipe for the bone broth comes from the cookbook by food blogger Phoebe Lapine. For a self-cooked beef broth, she takes: Ingredients: 2 kilograms of beef bones (ask your butcher about knuckles, ribs, oxtail or marrowbones in 5 cm wide pieces), 2 halved carrots, 4 sprigs of fresh thyme or … Read more

Björn Kern on his new novel “Solikante Solo” | vivanty – entertainment & lifestyle

Björn Kern, born in 1978 in the southern Black Forest, lived in Berlin for over ten years and has now moved to the Oderbruch with his family. On Instagram (@ bjoern.kern) he thinks about a different, less harmful life and economy. “The best we can do is nothing” became a bestseller. For his novels he … Read more

New text for the Passion in Thiers | vivanty – entertainment & lifestyle

Writer Toni Bernhart worked on his adaptation of the Passion for almost a year and a half. He recently completed the text version, which will be shown in Thiersee from summer 2022. The piece text by his predecessor Jakob Reimer – premiered in 1923 – lasted for 99 years. Passion plays have a firm place … Read more

Recipe: fitness sandwiches with sweet potato hummus | vivanty – entertainment & lifestyle

Organic protein rolls from B: PURE: high protein and fiber content, gluten-free, vegan, organic and low in sugar. Suitable for this? Creamy sweet potato hummus, spicy zucchini and the superfood of the year – hemp seeds. And the delicious fitness sandwiches are ready. Ingredients for 4 persons: 4 B:PURE Bio Proteinbrötchen 1 medium sweet potato, … Read more

Recipe: pretzels with honey-mustard dip | vivanty – entertainment & lifestyle

(dpa / tmn) – In addition to all the sweet temptations at the end of the year, we urgently need to provide a hearty balance. And that works perfectly with this delicious mini pretzel. It can be sprinkled with various delicious things as you like, I’ve chosen my 4 favorites here: cheese, salt, sesame and … Read more