Google’s JavaScript education tool “Grasshopper” is easy for beginners to learn from the basics! ――Which one do you use?Programming Education Tool-Window Forest

Born in Google’s In-House Incubation Area 120, “Grasshopper” is a programming education tool for beginners, where you can learn JavaScript step by step. It is not a visual programming type, but a programming language written in text as it is, but the operability and the contents of small steps are taken into consideration for beginners. … Read more

Super-easy and affordable electronic work + JavaScript for the first step in full-scale programming-Which one do you use?Programming Education Tool-Window Forest

Most of the programming materials for children are visual type that allows you to create programs with simple operations. On the other hand, when learning programming in earnest, the program code is written in text. Last time, I introduced how to program the “Yukai Creatures & Heart Kit Set” of “kurikit” with the visual type … Read more

Google allows students to record lessons with “Google Meet” in “Google Workspace” for education-Window Forest

Students can record lessons with “Google Meet” in “Google Workspace for Education Plus” The United States Google announced on March 8 (local time) that it became possible to allow the recording function to the student licensed user in “Google Meet” of “Google Workspace for Education Plus”. Until now, the recording function was available only to … Read more