A stray dog ​​under sleeping pills caused alarm among the residents of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

An alarming message appeared in the Sakhalin Pets Telegram community. According to one of the subscribers, the dog was lying next to the house, the wall of which was decorated with graffiti in the form of a lighthouse. “Someone help the dog, please! Lies on Gorky, 44. I don’t have a car and strength, ”sakhalinka … Read more

Photo report from the gala concert of the All-Russian Music and Patriotic Festival “We do not leave our own”

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, February 27, Citysakh.ru. A harmonious choir of voices: Sakhalin artists, together with the best musicians of the country, thanked the participants of the NWO and supported the residents of the liberated territories, performing on the same stage with performers from Donbass. February 24 in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk at the Sports Palace «Crystal” held a gala concert … Read more

Video of children bullying a dog in Okha posted on social networks

The video was published in the Telegram channel “Right to life. Dolinsk. As the author of the video wrote, the children deliberately kicked and provoked the dog, despite the animal’s attempts to scare off the tormentors by barking and jumping. It can be seen that the big dog can hardly restrain himself so as not … Read more

How to allocate materiel to the education of children: instructions for residents of Sakhalin

As the SDGs of the Sakhalin Region Telegram channel told, maternity capital can be directed to the education of any of the children in the family, but only when the child is three years old. An exception was made for those who use their maternity capital to pay for kindergarten. In this case, you can … Read more

Sakhalinenergo offered island schoolchildren targeted education at universities

According to the press service of Sakhalinenergo, newly minted students will study at one of three educational institutions – Sakhalin State University, Far Eastern State University of Communications and Far Eastern Federal University, in the areas of “Power and Electrical Engineering”, “Engineering of Thermal Power Plants”, and also “Engineering of electric power systems”. To enroll … Read more

Sakhalin residents picked up a dog with a broken spine near the village of Troitskoye

Caring Sakhalin residents picked up a dog with a broken spine on the road behind Troitsky, according to the Good Heart Telegram channel. The dog lay in an unnatural position and was already freezing when they found him. The dog is wearing a collar, so it’s most likely a pet and was on its own … Read more

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation will increase nominal scholarships for students from September 1, 2023

According to information published on the federal portal of draft regulatory legal acts, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation proposed to increase the Anatoly Sobchak and Dmitry Likhachev scholarships from September 1, 2023. Previously, the amount of scholarships was five thousand rubles. There are also plans to increase the scholarship … Read more

on Sakhalin in 2023 will continue the modernization of schools

New schools and kindergartens Capital repairs in the Sakhalin Region in 2022 affected 14 schools. All institutions have been equipped with modern equipment, furniture has been updated. In 2023, they plan to renovate another 13 educational institutions. As part of a targeted investment program in the region, builders worked on the sites of nine educational … Read more

An artist from the theater on Sakhalin spoke about concerts for fighters in the NVO zone

— Hello, Alexey. We know that you had a concert yesterday in Shakhtersk, Donetsk, to raise the spirits of the servicemen. What does this kind of event consist of and how did it go? – Usually we do an hour-long concert program. We introduce completely different works, we often work with the guitar. We sing … Read more

National Unity Day in Kholmsk was celebrated with a gastrofestival and a concert

21:50 November 4, 2022 Holidays, Kholmsk The gastronomic festival, “Night of the Arts”, a game program and a gala concert united guests from young to old. Festive events were held in the central house of culture and in the cinema and leisure center “Russia”. Dishes of Russian, Belarusian, Korean, Tatar-Bashkir and Avar national cuisines could … Read more