Learn to prepare with chef Mariano some delicious Puntitas de poblano and pumpkin flower! We pass you the recipe!

Ingredients:2 cups Beef tips, filleted 1 pc Onion, filleted1 Garlic, finely chopped2 pcs Poblano pepper, roasted and cleaned1 cup Sweet corn kernelsFor the sauce:½ pc Cream cheese 2 cups pumpkin flower, cleaned½ cup Sweet corn kernels1 cup milkc / s Oil, salt and pepperProcess:1. For the tips, in a saucepan with hot oil, sauté onion … Read more

Mariano brings us a delicious recipe for the middle of the week. Some golden chipotle carrot taquitos.

Ingredients:12 pieces Tortillas ½ pc Onion, filleted1 Garlic, finely chopped2 cups Carrot, grated½ cup chipotle pulpFor the sauce:3 pieces Green tomatoes ¼ pc Onion1 pc Garlic1 pc Serrano Chile½ pc Avocado½ tza Sour cream½ cup Fresh cheese, grated1 cup Lettuce, filletedc / s Oil, salt and pepper Process:1. For the filling, in a frying pan … Read more

Mariano has a recipe that will help you if you don’t know what to cook. A rich pasta with chicken parmesan.

Ingredients:4 cups Feather paste For the chick:5 pieces Milanese chicken, in strips3 cups ground bread2 pcs Egg, beaten2 cups Tomato sauce5 pcs Basil leaves 1 tsp oregano, dried8 pcs Chihuahua Cheese, slicedc / s Oil, salt and pepperProcess:1. For the pasta, in a saucepan with enough hot water and salt, placepasta and cook about 10 … Read more

Prepare together with chef Mariano some delicious and very cheap cauliflower and cheese pancakes! You will love them!

Ingredients:1 pc Cauliflower, grated 1 cup Manchego type cheese, grated1 pc Egg1 cup ground breadFor the sauce:5 pieces Tomato, cooked¼ pc Onion, cooked 1 pc Garlic, cooked1 pc Manzano chili, cooked½ tza CilantroProcess:1. For the pancakes, in a bowl mix all the ingredients and stiruntil integrating and obtaining a mixture of compact texture. With the … Read more

Chef Mariano teaches you how to prepare some delicious and traditional mining Enchiladas! Delicious!

Ingredients:½ pc Onion 1 pc Garlic clove6 pcs Chile guajillo, roasted, deveined and softened1 cup chicken broth1 pinch oregano½ kg Corn tortillas2 cups ranchero cheese, grated 2 cups Potato, cubed, cooked2 cups Carrot, cubed, cookedTo accompany:2 cups Lettuce filleted½ tza Cream½ cup Chili peppers in vinegarProcess:1. For the enchiladas, blend all the ingredients. Strain and … Read more

Learn to prepare some delicious Huazontles stuffed with quesillo en pasilla! Chef Mariano passes you his recipe.

Ingredients: 3 cups Huauzontles, cleaned and bleached 2 cups Quesillo, in sticks 2 cups wheat flour 3 pcs Egg whites, to the point of nougat 1 pc Egg yolk For the pasilla sauce: 3 pieces Jitomate, roasted ¼ pc Onion, roasted 1 Garlic, roasted 3 pieces Chile pasilla, roasted, deveined and softened 3 tbsp Piloncillo, … Read more

The classic Fruitcake from the Christmas season but made in the microwave! Chef Mariano passes you the recipe!

Ingredients:¼ tza Pasitas ¼ cup walnut, chopped¼ cup Blueberries¼ cup cherry, choppedBrand tza Brandy 1 tza Flour for hot cakes1 pc Egg1 cup milk Process:1. For the fruit cake, in a bowl place nuts and brandy, leave to marinate for a couple of hours.2. In a bowl place flour, egg and milk, beat until integratedperfectly. … Read more