Today’s recipes by Javier Romero: custard and meringue milk | Taste

Two lifelong desserts We finish this week of Family Cooking recipes with Javier Romero, with 2 traditional desserts of those that have been made for generations and that it is impossible for them to go out of style, because they are so good, they are so easy to prepare and they are so cheap, that … Read more

Javier Ojeda closes this Saturday night the Concerts of the Palacete in Los Corrales

Javier Ojeda / dm The leader of Danza Invisible will present his latest work and has a tour of the successes of the historic band NACHO CAVIA The Corrales de Buelna Saturday, July 24, 2021, 07:43 Javier Ojeda, the singer and leader of the renowned band Danza Invisible, will present this Saturday in Los Corrales … Read more

Today’s recipe from Javier Romero: pasta with lamb and flavored oil | Taste

Pasta and various oils recipe We are already approaching the end of the week and today we have a double recipe. On the one hand, Luis Carlos Romero, will delight our palate with a pasta dish different from what we usually see. Taking advantage of the idea of ​​chicken a la moruna from last week, … Read more

Chivas: The players that the Flock has exported to Europe in the Vergara era

IMAGO7 He left Chivas to fulfill his dream of playing in Europe, when he was transferred to the German Bundesliga with Eintracht Frankfurt in 2016 and managed to lift the German Cup in 2018. He recently returned to Mexican soccer with Bravos de Juárez, but did not pass nothing with him, right now he doesn’t … Read more

Javier Ojeda: «In the 80s there was a music industry, now we are looking for concerts»

A very varied album stylistically and the most powerful that I have recorded alone. It’s very soulful and very rock at the same time. How did your title come about? It comes from an expression that refers to wine. Decanting is moving the liquid from the bottle from its container to another to remove sediments … Read more

Today’s recipe from Javier Romero: roast chicken with garnish | Taste

Today Javier Romero presents us with a delicious recipe, which is a classic of Spanish gastronomy for several reasons. The first is that it is very easy to prepare, because you just have to put the chicken on a tray with some potatoes and some liquid, and roast in the oven. The second is that … Read more