IZ * ONE, tears in the surprise video letter … The online concert ended successfully “Every day was happy” –Kstyle

Photo = SWING Entertainment, Off The Record IZ * ONE has successfully completed an online concert. IZ * ONE held an online solo concert “ONE, THE STORY” on March 13th and 14th. This solo concert, which was held for the first time in 6 months since “ONEIRIC THEATER” held in September last year, consisted of … Read more

On March 14th, the Korean talent group IZONE announced its dissolution at the concert. What do you want to say to the members? Whose development is the most optimistic?

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IZ * ONE will release a live DVD containing the state of Japan’s 1st concert on April 14th (Wednesday) … Special video included –Kstyle

(C)OFF THE RECORD 12-member global group IZ * ONE’s 1st concert video in Japan “IZ * ONE 1ST CONCERT IN JAPAN” [EYES ON ME] “TOUR FINAL -Saitama Super Arena-” will be released on April 14th (Wednesday). In addition to the performance at Saitama Super Arena, which was held on September 25, 2019 as the final … Read more

IZ * ONE releases main poster for online concert “ONE, THE STORY” … Tickets are now on sale –Kstyle

The main poster of the online concert “ONE, THE STORY” of the popular 12-member girl unit IZ * ONE from Japan and Korea was released on the 16th. The title of the performance, which is the second time since September last year, means “story” of IZ * ONE who ran toward his dream and WIZ … Read more

IZ * ONE unveils new song at online concert “UNI-KON”! Expectations for 14 groups of stages such as MONSTA X & THE BOYZ –Kstyle

Photo = KLAP Global K-POP entertainment platform “UNIVERSE” will hold its first online live concert “UNI-KON”. Today (10th), NC Soft Co., Ltd. and Klap Co., Ltd. said, “UNIVERSE’s online live concert” UNI-KON “, which unites with music through the door of a new dimension, will be held on the afternoon of February 14th, Korean time. … Read more