How much is it trading this Saturday, April 10

The blue dollar quote this Saturday April 10 at $ 137.00 for the purchase and $ 140.00 for the sale. The gap between the blue and the official dollar it is 50%. In this way, the blue dollar remains stable compared to the last price. The blue dollar value it has a substantial difference with … Read more

Sale of Palestinian buildings to settlers in East Jerusalem sparks controversy | International

The sale by Palestinians of three buildings in occupied East Jerusalem to an Israeli entity that promotes Jewish colonization in the area has generated controversy, after dozens of settlers entered the buildings on Thursday, located in a disputed neighborhood in the eastern part of the city. The buildings had been built recently, and the Palestinians … Read more

Soco, the Army dog ​​that smells the covid

Until now, the German shepherd served as a therapy dog ​​to support patients affected by stroke or with loss of mobility Soco has moved on to phase four. After months of training, this German Shepherd from the Spanish Army sits down when he smells the covid. He has been doing it for the last month … Read more

“Let Mr. tell us. Gheorghiță if Vaslui County is not also a county of this country ”. Questions from an MEP to the Head of the Vaccination Committee – Essential

USR-PLUS MEP Ramona Strugariu is dissatisfied with the distribution of COCOID vaccines, claiming that in Vaslui the waiting lists “with over 2,000 people on them are steady”. “I would very much appreciate Colonel Gheorghiță to explain publicly what is, however, the algorithm of vaccine distribution in the country. And to tell us if Vaslui County … Read more

What is hyperbaric medicine and how is it applied in patients with coronavirus

Hyperbaric medicine is used to treat various health problems and diseases, such as severe anemia, brain injuries, burns, carbon monoxide poisoning, among many others. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, some institutions also began to apply it as a complement to the standard treatment against the coronavirus in some patients. Also known as hyperbaric … Read more

El Tapín -The boys and girls with a school dining grant will receive the menus during the Easter holidays

What is a cookie? Cookies are files that are downloaded to the user’s terminal (computer / smartphone / tablet) when accessing certain web pages and that are stored in the user’s memory. Cookies allow, among other things, to store and retrieve information about the browsing habits of a user or their computer, see which pages … Read more

United States: new plan to storm the Capitol on Thursday, police alert – US and Canada – International

The United States House of Representatives suspended the session it had scheduled for this Thursday, after the authorities alerted of a plan by a militia to assault Congress again. The lower house was due to debate a police reform bill tomorrow, but the Democrats who dominate the chamber brought that vote forward to Wednesday night, … Read more

How much is it trading this Saturday, January 30

He blue dollar quote this Saturday, January 30 at $ 150 for the purchase and $ 153 for the sale. The gap between the blue and the official dollar it is 73%. In this way, the blue dollar remains stable compared to the last price. He blue dollar value It has a substantial difference with … Read more

Suspended this Saturday’s concert of the Symphony in the El Batel Auditorium

Despite the fact that a few weeks ago Cartagena announced the return of public shows in the port city, the new infection figures will force the City Council to take a step back. In fact, the El Batel Auditorium has already canceled the concert scheduled at the venue for this Saturday, Show must go ÖSRM, … Read more

Zetak: “This year can serve to reflect on whether we want to continue living at the speed we live, which is frantic”

pamplona – The Navarrese Pello Reparaz (Arbizu, 1990) reveals the keys to the present of Zetak, the electronic music project in Basque that he created last year and whose scope, he reveals, has them “still very surprised.” This year it has disrupted all plans and in the case of Zetak, it was also the engine … Read more