“One Piece: The Red-haired Diva” is scheduled to be released in mainland China on December 1- Internet

According to news on November 24, the latest theatrical version of “One Piece” “One Piece: The Red-haired Diva” will be officially released on December 1 in mainland China.The film is the fifteenth theatrical version of the “One Piece” serieswhich will be released in Japan on August 6, 2022. “One Piece: The Red-haired Diva” is also … Read more

Andy Lau’s My Love World Tour Star Horse Station concert is re-screened, with a complete playlist! ​_China Net

Andy Lau is here! In the previous dozens of Andy Lau’s “My Love” concerts, due to physical illness, he had no choice but to stop the third song of the 14th show. After that, he tried to restart it, but the epidemic prevention and control was postponed, which made many fans regret. Fortunately, the regret … Read more

The new flagship product revolves and the new product launch preview of the puppy vacuum cleaner is released_china it news

[News]On February 28, the professional vacuum cleaner brand Puppy Vacuum Cleaner officially released a suspense poster, predicting that its new flagship product will be released on March 2. By interpreting the new product preview poster, three core information can be obtained: First, the puppy vacuum cleaner is about to launch a new product in the … Read more