2020 “Yoshinori Ohsumi Basic Research Support” Award Ceremony Held Online Supporting Research Funds for Three Young Researchers | Tokyo Institute of Technology News | Tokyo Institute of Technology

Supporting research funding for three young researchers Tokyo Institute of Technology held an online support decision award ceremony for the 2020 support decision of “Yoshinori Ohsumi Basic Research Support” to support young researchers under the age of 40 to fund basic research on March 19. Adopters who participated in the online award ceremony “Yoshinori Ohsumi … Read more

Concluded a student exchange agreement with Massachusetts Institute of Technology for nuclear energy education After two years of trials, strengthened exchange as a formal program | Tokyo Institute of Technology News | Tokyo Institute of Technology

After two years of trials, strengthening exchanges as a formal program On March 1, the Tokyo Institute of Technology’s Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, and Faculty of Environmental and Social Science and Engineering revised and signed a new student exchange agreement with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Department of Nuclear … Read more

The digital yuan: the future executioner of the US dollar?

This joint project could mean the reduction of the dominance of the dollar in international exchange, as well as the loss of more than 20 billion dollars of cheap loans to the United States by the rest of the world, thinks the American economist David Goldman. Currently, the North American country can live with a … Read more

Institute of Excellence in Materials and Information 2020 Future Social Service Creation Workshop Held Let’s envision 10 years from now that does not promote “division” of society | Tokyo Institute of Technology News

The Tokyo Institute of Technology Institute of Materials and Information Excellence (TAC-MI) held an online workshop for creating future social services in 2020 on December 8th and 9th. The Future Social Service Creation Workshop is held once a year for the purpose of cultivating bird’s-eye view and leadership skills. Graduate students of the Institute of … Read more