Against insect mortality: VG Zell relies on light that protects animals and people – Cochem-Zell district

The fact that street lamps or lamps in public places are being converted to LED lights has often been noted in the Zell municipality in the recent past. But will lamps that protect people and insects alike also play a role in such conversions or in new buildings such as the VG town hall in … Read more

What is the animal that kills the most people in the world?

Movies like ‘Jaws’ and others referring to fearsome animals with sharp teeth have propagated the image of some species as enemies of the human being. In fact, a 2015 survey by the Ipsos agency revealed that approximately half of Americans declared themselves “absolutely terrified” of sharks. However, according to data from the Florida Museum of … Read more

The blue-winged grasshopper is the animal of the year 2023, Pro Natura – Swiss Federation for Nature Conservation, press release

It has a cumbersome name, but it is anything but dull: if you look closely, you will not only discover sparkling blue wings on the blue-winged grasshopper (Oedipoda caerulescens), but also an important message to combat the climate and biodiversity crisis. In order to survive, she needs the right balance of sun and shade. Most … Read more

“Infinitely efficient animal”: How the soldier fly could make soy obsolete

11/26/2022 2:51 p.m. – 02:42 a.m “Infinitely Efficient Animal” How the soldier fly could make soy obsolete Humanity needs vast amounts of soy, including for animal feed production. More and more forest is cut down for cultivation. The soldier fly could make this environmentally damaging process superfluous. And soon they will even end up on … Read more

Global Trade Rules Against Extinction: A Success? | Knowledge & Environment | DW

Mankind is changing nature at an unprecedented speed, according to a WWF report, the stocks of mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles have declined by almost 70 percent since 1970. The mass extinctions are caused by the destruction of natural habitats, pollution, agriculture, global warming, and the trade in wildlife and plants. With the Washington … Read more

Poisonous plants: how dangerous is ragwort

It is said to be a fairy flower: a plant with magical powers that is said to be able to transport you to any desired location. So says old legends told in Scotland and the Isle of Man. On the island in the Irish Sea, Ragwort is even considered the unofficial national flower. Nevertheless, the … Read more

How I overcame my phobia of spiders on a shoot

One of the fortunes that gives us What animal! is to travel through the most iconic corners of our territory to discover the most extraordinary animals. But of course, I know what you are thinking. I think so too: How does a biologist, a popularizer in nature programs, have a phobia of spiders? Welcome to … Read more

to hide | Of beaver castles and insect castles

Like the animals to hide | Of beaver castles and insect castles Caution! Danger lurks in every animal’s life! An enemy could be lurking behind every tree, every stone and on every branch. Anyone who has a safe and cozy hiding place can count themselves lucky. There are, for example, hard-working termites building a seemingly … Read more