ZEIT LEO 7/21 How do we aid the weather?

Obtain out about our new solutions, special provides and amazing present suggestions – register now and Get a € 10 voucher¹! Certainly, I agree that the Zeitverlagsgruppe will in long term tell me of delivers from the team or others by using electronic mail with a newsletter, which may perhaps be personalized based on my … Read more

How to use baking soda to command plant pests and fungi

Fungi and pests are one of the primary problems that can have an affect on your crops. While there are thousands of substances manufactured expressly for this process, they are continue to much a lot more aggressive than any do-it-yourself fungicide that you can make at dwelling. If you are on the lookout for a … Read more

First reading easy: How does the honey bee live

First reading easy: How does the honey bee live So small and so important for our nature! Who lives in the beehive? How do the busy honey bees collect the pollen? What does a beekeeper do? Questions like these and many other questions about honeybees can be answered with the help of this book! How … Read more

You have to do THAT if your darling is stung by an insect!

Where there are many flowers in bloom, cats can also be stung by bees, bumblebees or wasps. dpa / Christian Klose When cats curiously roam the blooming summer meadows or dogs romp around in the sea of ​​flowers, it is not uncommon for them to suddenly stop, whimper or scream as if on a stick. … Read more

Vetlando Kokolaurin Anti-Tick & Flea Collar Dog

Vetlando Kokolaurin Tick & Flea Collar for Dogs With herbal ingredients Effective for up to 4 months The Kokolaurin Tick & Flea Collar is PVC and phthalate free and is made with magosa extract and lavender oil, which repel insects. It protects against parasite infestation. Your dog is protected for up to 4 months. Sizes:S … Read more

How to Protect Yourself – Symptoms & Treatment

It is considered a flying security risk: the Asian tiger mosquito can transmit dangerous viruses. They are now also available in Germany. How to recognize and control mosquitoes and how to treat bites. The Asian tiger mosquito (Stegomyia albopicta / Aedes albopictus) feels particularly comfortable in a mild and very humid climate. The bloodsucker can … Read more

Axel Hacke on political animals

Of the time when asked which animal is the most political, left chairwoman Janine Wissler recently answered: the bee. »It is well organized, capable of cooperating, showing solidarity – so the ideal left. We’d do without the queen, though. “ I find that fascinating. In fact, Aristotle already had bees as well as humans son … Read more