Camera films his last moments | Leopard gets dog from house! – News abroad

What: Newslions 01:03 06.11.2022 First he sleeps peacefully – a few seconds later the dog is dead. The residents of the small town of Ooty are worried about this surveillance video from India. A leopard enters a house, grabs a dog and flees. When the dog’s owners search for their beloved pet in the morning, … Read more

India: The gluttonous tiger of Champaran – Panorama

Riding on the back of an elephant and chasing tigers – these were once considered the privilege of Indian rulers and later also a prestigious pastime of British imperialists who were expanding into Asia. In 1961, the royal couple from Buckingham Palace posed in front of a striped carcass when Prince Philip shot one of … Read more

Anglo-Afghan War: Only one dog returned alive

story 2. British-Afghan War Only one dog returned alive from the slaughter After the British invaded Afghanistan again in 1878, Ayub Khan dared to revolt in 1880. At Maiwand, a British brigade tried to stop him. The result was one of the heaviest defeats of the colonial power. Status: 07:26 a.m| Reading time: 4 minutes … Read more

UN report: World population is growing – but at a slower pace – panorama

Crowds of people go shopping at a weekly market in Mumbai, India. The world population is growing – but at a slower pace. Foto: Ashish Vaishnav/SOPA Images via ZUMA Press Wire/dpa Today is World Population Day – an occasion for the United Nations to put a spotlight on them. New York – The number of … Read more