News two colleges and universities plan to merge! / 11 Chinese selected!An international list, announced / Guo Guiyi, deputy to the National People’s Congress: It is recommended that agricultural colleges and universities across the country implement targeted training for rural revitalization talents-

Admissions information [Admissions Guide]2024 Jiaotong University Antai EMBA registration is in progress Southeast University 2024 MBA Application Notes Peking University Guanghua Full-time MBAThe registration system will open at 13:00 on January 1, 2023. community communication Join the[PubMed Information Bureau]all services are waiting for you in the class! Education hotspot 【Two colleges and universities, proposed to … Read more

Smolenskaya Gazeta – A bill on a unified standard of school education is being considered in Russia

Photo: © Community In Russia, in the first reading, they adopted a bill on a single standard of education for all schools in the country. The bill, developed with the support of the United Russia party, will introduce a common list of educational programs developed by the Ministry of Education. “For an elementary school, … Read more