How is death in Theodor’s novella “Aquis submersus”

Effect on the viewer Term paper, 2021 23 pages, grade: 2.3 Table of contents or introduction The work is intended to shed more light on the portraits in Theodor Storm’s novella “Aquis submersus”. The focus of the explanations is in particular the representation of death. As part of this work, the following central questions are … Read more

Orthographic principles in Verena Wolff’s text “Freshers: So

The grapheme-phoneme correspondence. Comparison with other orthographic principles Housework, 2019 19 pages, grade: 1.0 Summary or introduction The aim of my present work is to present the most relevant orthographic principles in the German language. These are presented in various ways based on the analysis of the basic text “Freshmen: How nervous students prevent mistakes … Read more

It is a mistake to cut the ingredients first in cooking. Kitchen rules taught by “legendary housekeeper” Shima-san | MYLOHAS

Known as the “legendary housekeeper who can’t make reservations”Shima Tassin.. I have published many recipe books, but “Shima-san’s Kitchen Rules: Tips for Making Daily Rice Easy, Lifelong Cooking Tips” (Kawade Shobo Shinsha) is a bit different. It’s a book that focuses on pre-recipe “kitchen rules” that don’t contain any recipes. I want to convey “what … Read more

I want to imitate it immediately. 7 salads full of ideas from Hideko Kogure | MYLOHAS

The main dish is different every day, but the salad is always the same … So I would like to refer toIllustrator・Idea recipe for salad made by Hideko Kogure.. Salads that tend to become one pattern when you notice them can be made into a variety of dishes if you put them in the hands … Read more