Hohenlohe 4 Talents the second, Hohenlohe Plus e. V., press release

On Thursday 14 July 2022 the time has finally come: The “Hohenlohe 4 Talents Pitch Day” enters the second round. Five start-up finalists from different economic, technological or urban areas will present their innovative and exciting business ideas live to a top-class jury on this day in order to get the coveted “Hohenlohe 4 Talents … Read more

No school goes away empty-handed at the 7th Dieter Schwarz Foundation School Prize, Academy for Innovative Education and Management Heilbronn-Franken non-profit GmbH, press release

At the ceremonial presentation of this year’s Dieter Schwarz Foundation school prize, which took place on Friday, March 25, 2022, from 3 p.m. in the auditorium of the Heilbronn educational campus and was streamed online, eleven out of a total of 61 schools received awards for the media concept they had submitted in advance . … Read more

HNV: tariff adjustment is necessary – MORITZ city magazine -> events, concerts, parties, pictures

The Supervisory Board of Heilbronner-Hohenloher-Haller Nahverkehr GmbH (HNV) decided in its meeting on October 1st, 2021 to adjust the HNV tariff to the given price development by an average of 2.07 percent. “The tariff adjustment is necessary because the average personnel costs have increased by well over two percent and the fuel prices have also … Read more

Education – Heilbronn – CDU parliamentary group leader Hagel for more corona tests at daycare centers – education

Heilbronn (dpa / lsw) – The CDU state parliamentary group leader Manuel Hagel has spoken out in favor of more corona tests at daycare centers. Even at the daycare centers, every test is a good one, said Hagel of the “Heilbronner Voice” and the “Südkurier” (Wednesday). “It would certainly be an advantage if as many … Read more

Education – Heilbronn – GEW country manager fears closed schools and daycare centers – education

Heilbronn / Konstanz (dpa / lsw) – The Education and Science Union (GEW) expects schools and daycare centers in the state to be closed again for the new school year. Of course, everyone was hoping for a normal school year as possible, said GEW regional director Monika Stein of the “Heilbronner Voice” and the “Südkurier” … Read more

Ulm: Württemberg Chamber Orchestra announces concerts in Ulm

Plus The Württemberg Chamber Orchestra is again planning five concerts in Ulm. There is a lot of hope, but also a lot of uncertainty, about the 2021/22 season. Of Dagmar Hub The incidence in Ulm is still below 35. She did that last summer, and yet the planned series of concerts by the Württemberg Chamber … Read more

Jugend forscht: Three special prizes for projects from SH | NDR.de – news

As of: May 30, 2021 3:00 p.m. Nine young scientists from Schleswig-Holstein have qualified for the 56th national competition with six projects. Three of these projects were awarded special prizes. Today was the final of the summit meeting of the best young researchers in Germany. A total of 169 of them had qualified with 113 … Read more

State competition as diverse as never before – experimenta

Written on March 04, 2021. State competition more diverse than ever The state competition Jugend forscht Baden-Württemberg reached a new high this year with 69 qualified projects. The starting field for the digital state decision in the fields of technology, mathematics / computer science and the world of work, which will take place digitally for … Read more

Animal noise in Heilbronn: Yellow-headed amazon makes noise – and may come from Stuttgart – Baden-Württemberg

A yellow-headed parrot got lost in Heilbronn. Maybe she comes from Stuttgart. (Photo from the Rosentein Park) Photo: imago images / blickwinkel / McPHOTO A yellow-headed amazon got lost in the Böckingen district of Heilbronn and has been attracting attention there for days with its loud calls. The parrot could have come from Stuttgart. Heilbronn … Read more

Vaccination centers, appointment scheduling & Co. – MORITZ city magazine -> Events, concerts, parties, pictures

A vaccine against the corona virus has been approved in the EU since the end of 2020. Immediately afterwards, the central vaccination centers throughout Baden-Württemberg started their work. The 50 district vaccination centers (KIZ) followed on January 22nd. Less than a month after the start of the mass vaccination, over 170,000 people in Baden-Württemberg have … Read more