[PHOTO]aespa holds first solo concert “SYNK: HYPER LINE” after debut – Kstyle

Photo = SM Entertainment On the afternoon of the 26th, aespa held “2023 aespa 1st Concert ” at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium, Seoul. This concert, which was held for two days from the 25th to the 26th, is the first solo concert held by aespa since its debut. They will also hold a Japan tour, starting … Read more

‘Gentleman’ Ju Ji Hoon “Shooting with a dog… I got a rash from allergies” – Kstyle

Photo = CONTENTS WAVE Actor Ju Ji Hoon shared his impressions of co-starring with “acting genius dog”. Joo Ji-hoon, who appeared in the movie “Gentleman” (directed by Kim Kyung-won), revealed the behind-the-scenes story of filming through an interview held somewhere in Jongno-gu, Seoul. In the movie “Gentleman”, Ji Hyun-soo (Joo Ji-hoon), the president of a … Read more

“THE BOYZ” Sung Woo, “Kyu drinks wine with an animal sense” exposed│Korean music K-POP│wowKorea

‘THE BOYZ’ Sung Woo reveals, ‘Kyu drinks wine with an animal sense’ “THE BOYZ” Sung Woo, “Kyu drinks wine with an animal sense” exposure (Image provided by: wowkorea) Sang Woo of the Korean boy group “THE BOYZ” talked about Kyu, who likes wine. On the 23rd, Cue, Jacob, and Sunwoo of “THE BOYZ” appeared on … Read more

South Korea’s lowest birth rate in the world … Foreign news “Because of discrimination against women, housing prices, and educational expenses” | Joongang Ilbo | JoongAng Ilbo

ⓒ JoongAng Ilbo / JoongAng Ilbo Japanese version2023.02.23 16:26 While South Korea’s total fertility rate hit a record low of 0.78 last year, an article was published by a foreign press that conducted an in-depth analysis of the background. On the 21st (local time), Bloomberg News reported on Korea’s declining birth rate through an article … Read more

aespa unveils new song “Salty & Sweet” at first solo concert! Surprise release of choreography video – Kstyle

Photo = SM Entertainment Aespa will present a new song at their first solo concert since their debut. On the 16th, aespa released the choreography video of the unreleased new song “Salty & Sweet” to be performed at the first solo concert “2023 aespa 1st Concert ” through the official YouTube channel. The new song … Read more

Jeong Sewoon, small theater concert “THE WAVE” will be held for 3 days from March 31st – Kstyle

Photo = STARSHIP Entertainment Singer Jeong Sewoon returns to his fans with his unique sensibility. Jung Sewoon will hold a small theater concert ‘THE WAVE’ at Sogang University Merry Hall for three days from March 31 to April 2. In a space where the performance venue can be filled with only singing voice and music, … Read more

Wonho Volunteers For Dogs “I Want More People To Know” (Video Included) Kstyle

Photo = YouTube channel “ohhoho” screen capture Wonho volunteered at a dog shelter and practiced good deeds. On the 11th, he released a behind-the-scenes story of his volunteer activities through his YouTube channel ‘ohhoho’. In the released video, Wonho said, “I’m going to do volunteer work for rescued dogs. I filmed this because I wanted … Read more

IVE’s first fan concert since debut was a great success! Surprise performance of new song and unit stage – Kstyle

Photo = STARSHIP Entertainment ‘MZ Generation Wannabe Icon’ IVE spent a special time with fans at the first fan concert since debut. On the 11th and 12th, IVE held their first fan concert “The Prom Queens” at the Olympic Hall in Olympic Park, Seoul. After debuting in 2021, IVE recorded 3 consecutive mega hits and … Read more

SHINee’s Onew to hold an additional performance for her first solo concert! All tickets for the first performance sold out as soon as sales started – Kstyle

Photo = SM Entertainment SHINee’s Onew’s first solo concert has confirmed one additional performance thanks to the support of the audience. “ONEW 1st CONCERT ‘O-NEW-NOTE’” has sold out all seats as soon as the ticket sales started for the originally scheduled two performances. As a result, one performance will be added on March 3rd, and … Read more

Singer Wonho (former member of MONSTA X) volunteers at an animal protection center… “Always short of manpower”│Korean music K-POP│wowKorea

Singer Wonho (former member of MONSTA X) volunteers at an animal welfare center… “Always short of manpower” Singer Wonho (former member of MONSTA X) volunteers at an animal welfare center… “There’s always a shortage of manpower” (Image provided by: wowkorea) Singer WONHO (former MONSTA X) performed a warm deed as a volunteer at the animal … Read more