Scientific research institutes are recruiting a large number of transfers! I really recommend it! –

I used to think that every postgraduate student had a dream of a prestigious school, and I would not go to a prestigious school that is not 985, 211, or double first-class. but! There is also the special choice of scientific research institutes. Each research institute has its own technical expertise, and has even become … Read more

3 more students of USAU were awarded scholarships of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation

Danil Nazarov, Danir Akhtarov and Dmitry Moshnin became scholarship holders in priority areas of modernization and development of the Russian economy. By the decision of the expert commission of the Ural State Agrarian University, three 3rd-4th year students of the Faculty of Engineering Technologies in the direction of training “Operation of transport and technological machines … Read more

The main achievements of the land resource management team of Northwest A&F University in 2022- MBAChina网

Under the leadership of the school and the college, all the teachers of the land resource management major keep in mind the mission of educating people for the party and the country, actively implement the party’s education policy and basic line, love their posts and work hard, earnestly carry out education and teaching work, continuously … Read more

Educational Information : Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Nihon University

About educational information 0 Japanese university regulations, etc. (Faculty of Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Science and Technology) 1 Information on educational and research purposes (1) Purpose of graduate school education and research (2) Educational and research objectives for each course (3) Policy on certification of completion (Diploma Policy) (4) Policy on the formation … Read more

A graduate of the UCO, awarded among 18 Spaniards with an international scholarship to study in the US

Juan Francisco Guisado, a graduate in Biological Sciences from the University of Córdoba (UCO), has been awarded a prestigious Fulbright scholarship thanks to which he will spend the next two years at the University of Hawaii – Manoa studying the unique biodiversity of these islands. These scholarships, in the modality of Expansion of studies in … Read more

Kazakh woman received a US university grant with a scholarship of $150,000 ─

In Atyrau region, Nursipat Nurmanbetova, a school graduate from the Zhylyoi district, received 15 invitations to various foreign universities, reports. Photo: press service of the akimat of Zhylyoi region According to the press service of the akimat of the Zhylyoi region, Nursipat Nurmanbetova chose the medical faculty of neurosurgery at Pace University, which is … Read more

The 10 best cities for graduate employment are not New York and Los Angeles | USA | The Epoch Times

[The Epoch Times, August 28, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Takasugi compiled and reported) A recent ranking shows that for recent college graduates in the United States, the best city to start a job is not a coastal metropolis, but Midwest city. Among them, St. Louis topped the list. College graduates tend to earn less early … Read more

A graduate from Baku scored the highest score in the entrance exams

A graduate from Baku, Nigar Agazade, scored the maximum number of points in the entrance exams – 700. The girl dreams of becoming a doctor. MIR 24 correspondent Kamran Huseynov met her. Mathematics, history, literature. Nigar knows every subject perfectly. Although I scored 700 points for seven exams only on the second attempt. For the … Read more

LNMO graduate Sergey Sinchuk called the closure of the physics and mathematics school a loss for the education of St. Petersburg

A graduate of the Laboratory of Continuing Mathematical Education (LNMO) Sergey Sinchuk called the closure of the physics and mathematics school in St. Petersburg a serious loss, primarily for talented children from low-income families. According to him, the educational institution has been graduating young scientists for 20 years and gave impetus to professional development, and … Read more

Graduate at the last call criticized teachers for poor-quality education

Full reproduction of agency titles is prohibited. The use of materials is allowed only if there is a hyperlink to in the first paragraph. An exception may be a special mark of the author in the material, which prohibits reprinting, reproduction, copying and distribution in any form on any resources on the Internet. Photo … Read more