Pincky dies, the little dog who faced a thief and was brutally attacked

Just 3 weeks ago we told the story of Pincky, a small Chihuahua dog who went viral on social media for his heroic gesture while trying to defend his home when a thief broke in to steal it. The animal was attacked with a large pitchfork (pointed farm tool) in Nayarit, in the municipality of … Read more

Extremaduran photographer Juan Carlos Martínez, winner of the Santiago Castelo award in 2022, dies

Juan Carlos Martínez received the first prize in the Santiago Castelo 2022 contest in October. / armando mendez Born in Campanario in 1978, he was a well-known visual artist with numerous awards, work in national collections and publications. The world of contemporary art mourns the death yesterday Friday of the photographer Juan Carlos Martínez (Campanario, … Read more

A dog dies from fear of firecrackers in the Canary Islands

“Yesterday he jumped from a third floor and died. He was terrified of fireworks, the one you throw, the one you have fun with. Remember his face when you go to throw a firecracker next time.” This was announced by the provincial coordinator of Pacma in Santa Cruz de TenerifeChrist Gil, of the death of … Read more

Dies after being shot at point-blank range by his own dog

He dies after being shot point blank by his own dog on a hunting trip: they investigate the eventsocial media Ozgur Gevrekog, a 32-year-old Turkish man, died last weekend after being shot at point-blank range by his own dog The animal stepped on the trigger of the loaded shotgun next to its owner’s boot, firing … Read more

A 77-year-old Vizcaíno died after apparently being attacked by his mast dog in his Mungia village

A mastiff dog.Europa press The victim appeared in his village next to the dog that was chained No complaint has been filed but the regional police have opened a report This same week in a kennel in Arroyabe a rottweiler attacked a 20-year-old woman And 77 year old man passed away earlier this week in … Read more