Bayer struggles to turn the page on glyphosate

The German group is dragging the takeover of Monsanto like a ball. He goes on the offensive in gene therapy and precision agriculture. The controversy around glyphosate is starting again. As the approval of this controversial substance expires in the European Union in December 2022, two reports with contradictory conclusions on its harmfulness have rekindled … Read more

Bayer CEO Baumann: How much longer?

FThe glyphosate nightmare never ends for the Bayer Group. The tough struggle with the plaintiff’s attorneys continues after the failure of a proposed solution before the district court in San Francisco, the financial risks remain incalculable. Bayer boss Werner Baumann speaks of a “dead end”. A new five-point plan should now bring the solution, and … Read more

How dependent is Bitcoin on China? | Podcast Economy | DW

Investors in cryptocurrencies must have a thick skin, because prices fluctuate tremendously. Just yesterday, the Bitcoin lost around a third of its value in a single day, the competing currency Ether even lost almost half. Today prices were able to recover somewhat, but not make up for the drastic slump. China and Bitcoin Let’s take … Read more

Glyphosate indirectly damages insects via symbiotic bacteria

Insects benefit from the community with symbiotic bacteria, for example through the provision of amino acids that many insect species need to build their exoskeleton. According to a new study, glyphosate can have a detrimental effect on these vital symbiotic relationships between insects and microorganisms and thus contribute indirectly to insect death. Effects of glyphosate … Read more

Does spraying with glyphosate work to eradicate illicit crops work better than voluntary substitution in Colombia?

Colombia is very close to resuming the aerial spraying of illicit crops after 6 years of being suspended due to the environmental damage it can cause and its impact on people’s health. With the resolution issued by the Ministry of Justice to regulate its implementation, and the modification of the environmental plan by the National … Read more

Conacyt reduces glyphosate imports to be banned in 2024

The import of glyphosate will be reduced this year with the aim of favoring the welfare and health care of the people, as well as the environment and the biocultural heritage of Mexico and with this the process of gradual reduction will begin so that in 2024 the use of the herbicide is eradicated, with … Read more

Colombia rejects urgent UN call not to resume spraying with glyphosate

The letter of the ten UN special rapporteurs to President Iván Duque, dated December 17, 2020 and known until this Monday, is signed by the special rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders, Mary Lawlor, and by the special rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, José Francisco Cali Tzay, among others. In the … Read more