“2 days left” from TVXQ to SuperM! Announcing the song “SMTOWN LIVE” … Expectations for a gorgeous stage –Kstyle

Photo = SM Entertainment On January 1st next year, the online concert “SMTOWN LIVE” will be held worldwide for free. “SMTOWN LIVE” Culture Humanity “” will be available from 1:00 pm (Korean time standard) on January 1, 2021, including the “Beyond LIVE” channel of NAVER’s live video distribution app “V LIVE”, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. … Read more

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon smiles brightly with recent shots “Let’s meet on January 1st” –Kstyle

Photo = Taeyeon Instagram story capture screen Girls’ Generation Taeyeon has released a recent photo. Taeyeon posted a photo on his Instagram story on the morning of the 28th with the words “SMTOWN LIVE, see you on January 1st”. Wearing pink down, she looks at the camera with a cute expression. In the afternoon of … Read more