INIA Remehue provides recommendations for sheep production in autumn-winter

A series of tips to increase the productivity and profitability of the sheep business at this time of year were delivered by the INIA researchers. Through a webinar aimed at sheep production, the INIA Remehue Regional Research Center released recommendations for sheep production and management in the autumn-winter season, on topics such as pasture management, … Read more

[ACTUALIZACIÓN] Urat de Osorno joins dog rescue efforts in Cerro de Lago Ranco

Due to the difficulties in accessing the site, the specialized unit relieves Lake Ranco Firefighters. The efforts made by the Lago Ranco Firefighters to try to rescue a dog that is trapped in a cliff area have been unsuccessful, which is why the support of the Osorno Aquatic and Land Rescue Unit (URAT) was requested. … Read more