And education for when ?, by Maria Cecilia Villegas | OPINION

According to the criteria of Know more If you circulate through the cities of Peru, you will see that the restaurants, cinemas, shops and bars are open and full of people. However, schools are still closed. This, despite the demand from parents and specialized organizations at the international level. The COVID-19 excuse is nothing more … Read more

Guido Bellido asked Qali Warma and this was answered by the Midis nndc program | POLITICS

Updated on 10/03/2021 10:19 am The head of the Council of Ministers, Guido Bellido, made a request to the national school feeding program Qali Warma so that the acquisition of national preserves is prioritized. The response was immediate and made it clear that the Prime Minister’s request was unsubstantiated. Through his Twitter account, Bellido expressed: … Read more

Edgar Tello, the defender of Iber Maraví, was part of Conare-Movadef | Shining Path | Congress | | POLITICS

“They want the minister to resign without having found any objective evidence. They intend to kick the democracy board (…) Enough of hatred and let the Minister of Labor work ”, the parliamentarian protested proudly Edgar tello (Peru Libre), one of the legislators defending the minister Iber Maraví during Thursday’s interpellation session in Congress. But … Read more

Roberto Chiabra: “Congress will check if President Pedro Castillo has a word” | Iber Maravi | POLITICS

Updated on 10/01/2021 07:18 am Yesterday, the congressman from the Alliance for Progress (APP) had an outstanding speech in Parliament. What does “we all go” mean? The premier cannot threaten Congress with a question of trust by a minister whom President Castillo had to change because of his relationship with terrorism. If Minister Maraví does … Read more

Guillermo Bermejo | Free Peru | Congressman presents as a witness in audience the promoter of the initiative by the Constituent Assembly | POLITICS

Updated on 09/22/2021 11:15 pm At this Wednesday’s hearing for the oral trial against Guillermo Bermejo for affiliation to a terrorist organization, the defense of the defendant congressman presented as a witness Luis Miguel Trinidad Abarca. SIGHT: Pedro Castillo and Nicolás Maduro met in Mexico behind closed doors Who is Trinidad Abarca? He is a … Read more

Pedro Castillo | Free Peru | Congress | Citizens ask the president to vacate | POLITICS

Updated on 08/23/2021 12:17 pm BY ALFREDO LUNA VICTORIA AND NATALIA LIZAMA A new march against the president’s government Pedro Castillo It was held yesterday afternoon in Lima. The participants left the Mariscal Castilla Park at 4:00 pm in the direction of the Central Park of Miraflores, where a rally was held that was led … Read more

Peru Libre wants to chair the congressional education, health and agrarian commissions | PERU

Updated 08/01/2021 04:01 pm The legislator of Peru Libre, Edgar Tello, indicated that this parliamentary group aspires to preside, with priority, the Education, Health and Agrarian commissions. In this sense, he stressed that the bench is identified with education not only because President Pedro Castillo is a teacher, but because more than half of its … Read more

When ideology and cronyism prevail | Pedro Castillo | Juan Francisco Silva Villegas | MTC | POLITICS

Updated on 07/31/2021 11:42 am The ministerial cabinet appointed by the president Pedro Castillo He brings with him from a former guerrilla fighter and admirers of Fidel Castro to an investigated for apology of the terrorist organization Sendero Luminoso. Thus, it is evident how, instead of experience and trajectory, closeness to the party has been … Read more

Ciro Gálvez: “Nobody here is drunk … Period”, chronicle of 2001 when he tried to travel and was taken off a bus | Minister of Culture | Pedro Castillo | Guido Castillo | APTZ | POLITICS

According to the criteria of Know more Two decades ago, exactly on August 14, 2001, El Comercio published the following chronicle about an incident involving Ciro Galvez, then a former candidate and now a new Minister of Culture, of the Cabinet of Guido Bellido: READ ALSO: Guido Bellido, his thinking in networks marked by homophobia, … Read more

Pedro Castillo: Ombudsman’s Office asks the president-elect to ward off the corrupt

The president-elect, Pedro Castillo, He must remove from his environment people investigated and convicted of corruption crimes, said the Ombudsman’s Office in a public statement, in which he also congratulated him on his electoral victory. “The President of the Republic has the constitutional obligation to lead the fight against corruption and maintain the integrity of … Read more