Government crisis management: “Like driven people, not like drivers”

At the beginning of the Corona crisis, the government still got a lot right, says crisis researcher Roselieb. In the meantime, however, there is no recognizable timetable. In an interview, he explains what politics can do better. In March, when the pandemic in Germany was just getting started, you gave the federal government a … Read more

AfD like Trump: the fairy tale of the stolen election

The AfD suspects a plot: the established parties are allegedly planning a large-scale electoral fraud. Similar to US President Trump, she is trying to destroy confidence in democratic processes. By Markus Pohl and Chris Humbs, RBB How do elections in a super election year when crowds are to be avoided as much as possible because … Read more

Wirecard Committee: Doubts about Guttenberg’s credibility

Internal documents related to the ARD capital studio exist, feed doubts about the credibility of the witness Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg. It’s about his statement in the Wirecard committee in December. By Moritz Rödle, ARD capital studio Didn’t Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg tell the whole truth when he appeared as a witness in the Wirecard investigation committee? … Read more

Coronavirus in Germany: Where there are problems with vaccination in the countries

Too few vaccination doses, problems making appointments, long waiting times: a good two weeks after the start of the vaccination, things are still jerky. Why is it – and how the federal states react to it. Five examples. Thuringia Whoever wants to get vaccinated in Thuringia has so far required patience and nerves. A hacker … Read more

Voting Rights in the US: How Stacey Abrams Made History

She did not run in the US elections, and yet Stacey Abrams is said to have played an important role in the Democratic victory – thanks to her work for voters’ rights. By Silvia Stöber, In 2018, Democrat Stacey Abrams suffered another major defeat when she ran for governor of Georgia. Now the US … Read more

New coronavirus variants: how dangerous are the mutations?

Scientists are particularly concerned about the significantly higher R value of the corona mutations. A new dimension of expansion threatens. There is hardly any data on this in Germany. By Dominik Lauck, The tightened corona protective measures in Germany were also justified by the newly emerged mutations of the corona virus. How dangerous the … Read more

Advice on corona vaccination: get more vaccine – but how?

Chancellor Merkel and the responsible ministers are discussing today how more vaccine can be obtained. There is a particular need for discussion between Health Minister Spahn and Finance Minister Scholz. Chancellor Angela Merkel is discussing today with the responsible ministers how more vaccine against the coronavirus can be produced. Health Minister Jens Spahn, Economics Minister … Read more

Lockdown in Germany: extension yes, but how long?

In the discussion about the corona policy, the trend is clear: The lockdown should be extended. But how long? And what about daycare centers and schools? Material for dispute before the next federal-state consultations. The federal and state governments obviously want an extension of the corona restrictions beyond January 10th. The duration and above all … Read more

Trade deal with the EU: How credible are China’s pledges?

The EU Commission sees a breakthrough in the investment agreement with China. Companies should find it easier to enter the Chinese market and working conditions should be improved. But there are doubts about China’s commitments. By Helga Schmidt, ARD-Studio Brussels Almost nothing moved for seven years. Negotiations between the EU and China on an investment … Read more

Picture gallery: Pictures: How Corona changed the turn of the year

Picture gallery: Pictures: How Corona changed the turn of the year | pictures 1/10 How Corona changed the turn of the year At the turn of the year on January 1st, 2021, it was raining confetti in the almost empty Times Square in New York. Usually around a million people come there every year … Read more