Ford has received more than 100,000 orders for the F-150 electric pickup

While it is still unclear what the status of Tesla’s Cybertruck pickup is, Ford’s rival F-150 will not only appear to be on the market next spring, but is already gaining a giant fan base, Zero Hedge reported. It is expressed in the realized over 100 thousand preliminary orders so far. This number came less … Read more

US manufacturer brings Mach 1 back

Ford is reflecting on the roots of the Mustang: While the model is just coming to the charging stations as Mach-E, the US manufacturer is now bringing the sports car back as Mach 1 from the 1970s. The Ford Mustang flexes its muscles again. The US automaker is now also offering the model under the … Read more

Ford Maverick: what are the rivals of the new pick up that will arrive in Argentina

Ford just introduced the Maverick, its new compact pickup that will arrive in Argentina in 2022. It is a flatbed developed on the basis of the brand new Bronco Sport that will be positioned one step below the Ranger and, therefore, two steps below the F-150. The Ford Maverick It will compete in a relatively … Read more

Electric cars: the frontal challenge between recognition and innovation

Zero emissions and maximum aerodynamic efficiency are among the key features of electric cars, often distinguishable from the thermal versions with the closed grille while maintaining brand recognition. Over the years, the design of cars has also evolved according to technical and mechanical needs, including that of ensuring ever greater ventilation to ensure maximum engine … Read more

Ford Maverick officially. The smallest pick-up of the brand is basically a hybrid

Ford’s smallest pick-up is aimed at customers who have not yet considered a truck. It wants to impress them with its hybrid drive or practical features. Ford intends to completely abandon the classic segments in the US domestic market and primarily focus on various crossovers, SUVs and trucks. They are gradually expanding their offer, which … Read more

Images are flipped (outside and inside) of the new Ford Maverick

Ford prepares to introduce the new Maverick The next Tuesday, but apparently the first images were ahead of the launch, since unofficial photographs saw the light before time. The Maverick Truck Club forum released several captures that reveal what the new model will be like on the outside and inside. Beyond not having a very … Read more

Ford advances the ERTE to June due to the fall in demand for vehicles

The Ford Almussafes production drop, as a consequence of the loss of sales in Europe, its main market, and the shortage of microchips in the world automotive market, has led the commission to monitor the temporary employment regulation file (FOR HIM) to advance the days from to to June, instead of July. The Valencian factory … Read more

Video: Mustang Mach-E has no handles, but buttons. What to do when he runs out of juice?

Ford’s new electric car has a number of interesting solutions to keep pace with modern electric competition. We will introduce some of them to you in our video. We tested the Ford Mustang Mach-E electric SUV last week in Prague and its surroundings, and you could already read the first driving impressions on But … Read more

Ford Mustang and its forgotten prototypes. Do you remember the station wagon, roadster and other pleasures?

Today, the Ford Mustang is already a legend in the automotive world that every car fan knows well. But the history of this pony car sold since 1964 is long, so it has a number of now-forgotten chapters. We decided to recall the beginnings of this car and its prototypes from the very beginning of … Read more

HILITE: CPALL minus 4.53% Q2 / 64 recovery outlook unclear after Q1 / 64 profit.

CPALL shares flowed 4.53% to 58.00 baht, down 2.75 baht, trading value 6,140.69 million baht at 4.27 p.m. with the market opening at 59.00 baht, the highest price increased at 59.00 baht and the lowest price dropped at 57.50 baht. Kingsford Securities Stating in the analysis that CP All Plc. (CPALL) reported earnings for the … Read more