SDM in concert this Sunday evening in Bras-Panon: “You have to believe in yourself and not listen to what others say”

SDM was the guest of the JT this afternoon, he will perform at the Bras-Panon fairground this Sunday, March 12 in the evening Originally from Clamart in the 92, SDM discovered French rap in college when a friend introduced him to the album Ouest Side by Booba. He testifies to us “I want a very … Read more

Tayc concert in Bras-Panon: tickets sold for up to 100 euros on the internet!

Arrived in Reunion since this Thursday March 9, Tayc will perform this Saturday March 11 in the evening in Bras-Panon. On websites, people from Reunion compete for places at exorbitant prices. Viral star in the world of French music, Tayc, accompanied by Kartel prod, will perform this Saturday March 11 at the Bras-Panon fairground. On … Read more

Mauritius: a monkey was shot dead in the middle of the street –

An illegal act was committed on Sunday this afternoon in the North-East of Mauritius. A monkey was shot dead. According to residents, the primate posed a threat to the locality. A walking monkey that locals said posed a threat was shot dead. According to people on the scene, a firearm was used. Moreover, they claim … Read more

Animal wandering: 25 dogs captured on Wednesday alone at the Plaine des Cafres

CASUD has been strongly committed, for several years, to the fight against animal wandering. For example, each year, it sets up a free identification and sterilization (dogs, female dogs, cats, pussies) campaign. And, for the 2022 campaign, more than 1,600 interventions were carried out. In addition, since mid-December 2022 a new action plan on its … Read more

Saint-Denis: a dog is violently beaten by his master, complaints have been filed since July 2022

This is a video that has been talked about since Tuesday. A dog, Malinois, is violently beaten by his master. The APEBA association reported this case of abuse, to no avail. On Facebook, a video goes around the web and makes many Internet users react. Posted on the page Entraide nos Animaux 974, the video … Read more

Chinese New Year: the new year placed under the sign of the Water Rabbit

This Sunday, January 22, the Chinese community celebrates the Chinese New Year. According to Chinese astrology, the year 2023 will be the year of the Water Rabbit. The most important of the Chinese celebrations begins this Sunday. It is the first day of the lunar year, it is also called the “yuan dan”. The Year … Read more

Many artists will be in concert at the Miel Vert au Tampon from this Friday: Damso, Nesly, Raynaud,…

The municipality of Le Tampon is organizing the 39th edition of Miel Vert au Tampon from January 6 to 15, 2023. Many artists will be present such as the zouk singer Nesly, Damso, Raynaud, Alain Ramanisum, etc. Reunionese will be able to discover many Reunionese, Mauritian or metropolitan artists on stage for the 39th edition … Read more

End-of-year celebrations: the actions to take in the face of lost or stray dogs, frightened by fireworks

Every year, many dogs are found stray on the roads after fleeing their homes, frightened by firecrackers on holiday evenings. A professional reminds you of the good things to do if you find lost animals. This weekend, it was the case of Ka├»ra, recovered by a neighbor of the owner. “She stayed with us all … Read more

Trois Bassins: observation of a 3-meter bull shark in hunting action, the spot evacuated

This Sunday, December 11, a 3-meter bulldog shark was observed at the Trois Bassins spot. Observed from a boat, the animal was visibly in hunting action. While it was about 300 meters from the coast, the spot was evacuated. A bull shark was observed on the surface by the Reinforced Shark Lookouts, from their boat … Read more

Health: the use of antibiotics has increased by 10% in animals

According to the National Health and Food Safety Agency, dogs and cats received 10% more antibiotics last year compared to 2020. This drug is also used in poultry farming. Less and less antibiotics in farms. Since 2011, the administration of antibiotics has decreased by two thirds in poultry. On the Camellia market, consumers are paying … Read more