Musical-dramatic performance “DIVAS” at VDNKh

The program contains the most famous musical images of the great women of the XX-XXI centuries. What do they have in common? Why do we equally admire Maria Calas, Lyubov Orlova, Ella Fitzgerald, Liza Minnelli, Edith Piaf, Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich? What united them, besides music and great talent? You will get answers to … Read more

Interactive performances of the Moscow LisaPark at VDNKh

All performances are held in small groups in the form of an interactive journey through several magical locations of the Red Valley of the Moscow Fox Park with professional theater actors. The play “The Story of the Three Little Pigs” Little guests will become participants in a fun journey: they will go to the city, … Read more

“Jazz&Soul vibes”. Somewhere Music Session concert at VDNKh

A bright concert in the tropics of VDNKh from Somewhere Music Session – musicians from Cameroon, Russia, Zambia and Cuba. The team is unique both in terms of ethnic composition and musical material. The artists will present the Jazz&Soul Vibes program, which combines romantic soul with the free energy of modern jazz. There will be … Read more

Sabrina’s concert in the Sea of ​​Music space at VDNKh

On September 30, at 20:00, the Sea of ​​Music space will host a concert by Sabrina, a singer whose fans include actors and musicians of the first magnitude, who call her a discovery, a shaman, a priestess, a goddess, and the embodiment of art. Sabrina is a unique performer who conquers her fans by dissolving … Read more

Theatrical and musical show “Three Stories of Two Hearts” at VDNKh

The show will tell three love stories from different times: old Moscow, Soviet Moscow and modern. 3 couples “live on stage” within their eras, revealing and showing the city of Moscow through the prism of their love story. At the end of the show, each viewer will be able to see himself and his love … Read more

Concert of Zhenya Efimova for the City Day at VDNKh

The main concept of Zhenya Efimova’s work is honest songs for everyone, but not for everyone. Music that teaches to feel and feel. It is not necessary to be attached to the genre, you either understand that it is about you, or scroll further. Zhenya took part in high-profile festivals like Wild Mint and Invasion, … Read more

Lecture “Painting in cinema” at VDNKh

Different types of art are in dialogue with each other. Painting and cinema are no exception. Twentieth-century painting has adopted some modes of expression from film art, as exemplified by the paintings of Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, as well as the work of representatives of the severe style. Filmmakers, in turn, traditionally draw inspiration from … Read more

Women’s stand-up at VDNKh

September 11 at the Green Theater – “Women’s stand-up”! The show will take place as part of the MTS Live Comedy Weekends concert series at VDNKh. Female Stand-Up is the first TV show to become a platform for female comedians. They are honest about what they don’t like. Girls frankly and funnyly ridicule the stereotypes … Read more

Concert “Hits of Queen”. HighTime orchestra at VDNKh

The best songs of the legendary rock band Queen in the jungle of VDNKh! Performed by one of the brightest orchestras in Moscow HighTime orchestra. We Will Rock You, Bohemian Rhapsody, I Want To Break Free, A Kind Of Magic, We Are The Champions, The Show Must Go On – a program of enchanting energy, … Read more

Festival “Round Dances of Russia” at VDNKh

August 15 at 18:00 on the square between the pavilion №1 “Central” and the fountain “Friendship of Peoples” will host the festival “Round dances of Russia”. More than 60 cities of Russia and cities of friendly countries will join the action. Guests of the Exhibition will be able to take part in folk festivals – … Read more