He just wanted to feed the animal

RTL.de> 28. April 2021 – 14:39 Clock He just wanted to feed the animal In the animated series “The Flintstones” a primeval life is sketched in which dinosaurs are used by humans in the same way that we use machines today. For example, one dinosaur functions as an excavator and another as a time clock … Read more

Why actually? Dog looks like owner (87)

RTL.de> 26. April 2021 – 11:57 Clock Which of the two has the nicer goatee? It has long been said that dogs look like masters or mistresses. Hung Lay Quon (87) also has a four-legged friend who looks a lot like him. He didn’t even choose it himself. You can find out how the two … Read more

This vet vaccinates dogs so cute

When the visit to the vet suddenly becomes fun The paws of André Santos patient are tipping excitedly on the practice floor of the Restelo animal hospital in Lisbon. The Portuguese veterinarian dances samba with a dog – shortly before the four-legged friend is vaccinated. A perfect distraction! The animal does not even notice that … Read more

Now there’s Kasalla – the carnival concert in the REWE supermarket

Carnival during Corona: Kasalla storms the supermarket! What are they doing between fruit and vegetables? The Cologne cult band Kasalla gave a concert in a very special place – in a supermarket! Carnival gift for everyone in Germany! RTL.de showed the concert at 11:11 a.m. in a free stream! Lost? Then just watch it again … Read more