Educational expenses I’m worried about old age due to hell … A secret plan to increase the pension of a single mother by 70,000 yen a month How to prepare for the old age life of living alone | PRESIDENT Online

It’s a matter of money to be associated with single mothers. If you only care about the cost of living in old age, there are some unexpected pitfalls. Yoshihiro Nagao, a financial planner, says, “First of all, simulating what kind of life you will have in the future is a clue to solving the problem.” … Read more

A new technical college set up by the founder of Sansan, a great mechanism of the “10 billion yen fund” aiming for “free of charge” … Covering tuition fees with operating profit | Business Insider Japan

Kamiyama Junior High School built in the 40’s of the Showa era. The school building will be used as a student dormitory. Photo: Yu Ito A private college of technology “Kamiyama Marugoto National College of Technology (tentative name)” for which approval is being applied for the opening of the school in April 2023. It is … Read more

Should the weak be alive? : Orphans hunted down by Corona-Ashinaga Ikueikai Survey |

Japan Data Society Family/Family Education 2021.12.07 Economic activity has been stagnant due to the spread of the new coronavirus, and the families of children who lost their parents due to illness or accidents are being economically cornered. According to a questionnaire survey conducted by Ashinaga Ikueikai, which supports orphans in Japan and overseas, targeting 3,994 … Read more

Amazon invests 130 billion yen to pay tuition for 750,000 employees | Business Insider Japan

An employee scanning luggage at Amazon’s distribution center “JFK8” on Staten Island, New York. Taken on November 25, 2020. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid Amazon has announced that it will pay full tuition for more than 750,000 hourly employees. Employees will be charged for obtaining a bachelor’s degree, associate degree, high school diploma, GED (high school diploma), and … Read more

16% of graduate students have a debt of 3 million yen or more! ?? : Serious highly educated working poor problem |

Japan Data Economy / Business Education Work / Labor Society 2021.07.08 “Is the end a doctor or a minister?”-It used to be a word that holds promise for the future of children. However, nowadays, even if you become a doctoral student, you will not be able to get a post in the university, and you … Read more

Childcare for newborns who continue to enter and graduate. How should I prepare if I can’t afford to save? | Money VIVA

Saori (pseudonym) 34 years old, office worker (living in Kanagawa prefecture) Family composition: 62-year-old mother, 36-year-old husband (office worker), 13-year-old daughter (1st year of public junior high school), 12-year-old son (6th year of public elementary school)Annual income: Approximately 2 million yenAnnual household income: Approximately 6 million yenMonthly savings: Approximately 30,000 yenHousing: Owned house (with mortgage, … Read more